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If you enjoy your vaporizers a little bit outside of the box, then you need to check out the premium vaporizers manufactured by ThisThingRips! For too long vapers who enjoy dabbing and dabbing rigs have been starved for choice in an ever-expanding vaping market. Well, not any longer thanks to ThisThingRips! If you have been searching for a high-quality dab rig which will allow you to enjoy all your favorite concentrates and produce delicious vapor, then you need to check out the complete range of dab rigs and vaporizers by ThisThingRips.

The range of ThisThingRips vaporizers and dab rigs are perfect for enjoying all your favorite concentrates. They feature a number of exciting technological advancements which help produce some of the most pure, delicious, and flavorful vapor you’ll ever experience. That horrible burnt taste associated with many wax pen devices and dab rigs is a thing of the past with the innovative and high-quality range of products from ThisThingRips.

Some of the exciting and innovative features if the ThisThingRips range of products includes, coil-less ceramic floating atomizers which deliver smooth and cool low-temperature hits that let you enjoy the full flavor spectrum of your concentrates or extract. Set it and forget it smart battery technology which will give you up to twelve hours of battery life, and a smart battery which remembers your last settings for your next session. Exciting new vapor blast mouthpiece that is designed to make your device super stealthy and discreet. Power and discretion in one stylish and streamlined package.

If you have been searching for a dab rig or concentrate device that is stylish and stealthy, then you need to check out the full range of exciting products from the vape experts, ThisThingRips! We know that you won’t be disappointed with their stylish and powerful range of vaping devices.

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