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Puff Puff Spray

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The PUFF PUFF SPRAY brand is known for removing everyday odours from the air and furnishings in your home, office and auto. It is a safe and fast way to remove smoke and odours.
PUFF PUFF SPRAY is non-hazardous, non-toxic and Eco-friendly.
Our expertise in research for natural plant derived ingredients and quality product development allows us to produce the most effective, natural odour remover.
We have been developing natural scientific based products for over 20 years to remove smoke and odours. PUFF PUFF SPRAY is made with plant derived ingredients which include odour eliminating compounds that remove all types of smoke and odours.
It is an everyday product for removing even the toughest pet and sport smells. Use in homes, hotel rooms, offices, automobiles, apartments, dorms, boats, bars, and clubs. Puff Puff Spray deodorizes, while leaving a clean fresh scent.
Quickly get your home back to smelling fresh and clean with PUFF PUFF SPRAY !