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Philter Labs

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At Philter Labs, they are addressing an issue that affects millions worldwide in that of secondhand vapor and smoke.

They are using aerodynamic principals and engineering innovation to preserve the rights of those who choose to smoke or vape. The team believes it’s your choice whether to vape or smoke but that this personal decision should not impact those around you, whether they are friends, family or complete strangers.

Forward thinking, the solutions they currently offer are just the beginning of a collection of goods that we hope will collectively make an impact for both users and non-users. This begins with allowing those who vape or smoke to do so with dignity and less judgement while respecting the rights of those who don’t. As more users choose to PHILTER, this leads to cleaner air, less social impact of secondhand vapor and quite possibly, a healthy conversation amongst vapers and non-vapers where they discover common ground and belief in mutual respect and personal rights.