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MJ Arsenal Glass

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Based in Denver, MJ Arsenal produces miniature concentrate rigs, cone bubblers, and dry herb water pipes. Their first product, the Martian Blunt Bubbler, helped users realize they could conveniently utilize water filtration with their rolled dry herb goods. After the cone bubblers, MJ Arsenal turned their attention to mini concentrate rigs, producing some of the most eye-catching and efficient rigs available. Each MJ Arsenal glass piece is uber-portable, with a few models sporting keychain rings, and durable thanks to the borosilicate glass construction.

MJA is a consumer-focused company that builds its principles upon the pillars of innovation, affordability, and functionality. We are based in Denver, Colorado and pride ourselves in pushing the boundaries of what is expected in a given product/functionality. We have taken many steps to protect our original product line with an assortment of patents (both pending and issued) as well as trademarks to ensure a fortified and recognizable brand.

We are ever humbled by our customers’ love and positive energy; it is precisely this that fuels our creative engines into stratosphere and beyond. From Team MJA, THANK YOU and always elevate the ordinary.