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Shatter Batter

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Shatter Batter is a flavoured emulsifier that easily turns your herbal wax, oil, isolate, shatter or butter into a fine liquid that’s compatible with your tank or drip vape kit. Choose from a large selection of awesome flavours for an enjoyable and discreet herbal experience. It takes only moments to mix and stays mixed for later use. Included syringe makes transfer to vape device easy and mess-free.

Shatter Batter is an innovative product that lets you mix your herbal concentrates into this fine emulsifier to make a dank, flavourful Liquid that is compatible with your table top diffusor/vaporizer, Tank and Drip kits.

Shatter Batter is a uniquely formulated product that converts your fine CBD or Herbal concentrates into a fine E-Juice/E-Liquid. It took nearly 6 months to develop our proprietary formula that takes YOUR Concentrate -Concentrate – Dab – Crumble or Shatter and holds it in a flavoured or unflavoured E-Juice/E-Liquid.