How to Pack a Dry Herb Vaporizer – Get it done correctly

How to Pack a Dry Herb Vaporizer

A dry herb vaporizer isn’t difficult to use, but it’s definitely not as easy as smoking. There’s a bit of a learning curve that you’ll need to overcome if you want to have the best possible experience. To have a great experience when you vape, the most important thing that you’ll need to learn is how to pack a dry herb vaporizer.

The Symptoms of an Improperly Packed Vaporizer

Too often, we’ve seen this scenario play out during the first use of a portable vaporizer: A new vaporizer owner unpacks his device and, excited about vaping for the first time, immediately fills the oven without reading the vaporizer’s instruction manual and without using the tamping tool. Since the oven isn’t packed tightly enough, there’s little physical contact between the bits of ground herbs. At a normal vaping temperature, the heat from the oven doesn’t penetrate through all of the herbs. The vaporizer produces little vapour. The owner doesn’t have a good experience, so he increases the vaporizer’s temperature. The experience improves slightly. When the owner opens the vaporizer, though, the oven is full of ash. Packing the vaporizer improperly has led to smoking rather than vaping. Do you want to have a great experience when you vape? It all begins with packing your dry herb vaporizer properly. Here’s how.

A Better Grind Produces a Better Vape

If you want to pack a vaporizer properly, you need a dry herb grinder that produces a fine, uniform grind. A fine grind increases the surface area of the herbs, and greater surface area leads to improved heat transfer. A uniform grind leads to even heating and helps you avoid spots of unused material in your
vaporizer’s oven.

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How to Pack a Conduction Vaporizer

The Physics of Conduction Vaping

Most vaporizers — especially portable ones — are conduction vaporizers. Their oven walls heat the material directly. A conduction vaporizer depends on physical contact between the material and the oven walls to heat the material to the correct temperature for vaping. For the heat to reach the centre of the oven, the bits of ground material need to touch one another. The goal when packing a conduction vaporizer is to produce as much physical contact in the oven as possible.

Packing a Conduction Vaporizer

Begin by grinding your herbs as finely as you can. Some people recommend making the buds a little more brittle first by drying them for a while. To get the best possible herb-to-oven contact, you need to maximize the surface area of your herbs — and that means grinding them down to small particles. Sprinkle your herbs into the oven of your vaporizer until you have a mound of herbs that’s a little higher than the top of the vaporizer’s oven. Next, use your tamping tool to push the herbs down until the mound is level in height and about even with the top of the oven. You shouldn’t need to push down with extreme force to pack your vaporizer, but you should use a little pressure to maximize contact between the oven and the herbs. You’ll know you’ve packed a conduction vaporizer properly when it produces large, creamy vapour clouds lasting several minutes. If you have difficulty inhaling through the vaporizer’s mouthpiece, you’ve packed your herbs too tightly.

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How to Pack a Convection Vaporizer

The Physics of Convection Vaping

Many desktop vaporizers are convection vaporizers. Although a convection vaporizer isn’t portable, it does have some advantages over a conduction vaporizer. Even heating and more complete usage of material are two of those advantages. A convection vaporizer heats herbs indirectly by blowing hot air through the herbs with a fan. For the heat to reach the centre of the oven, the hot air has to pass through the herbs. The goal when packing a convection vaporizer is to fit as much material in the oven as possible without restricting the airflow necessary to heat the herbs.

Packing a Convection Vaporizer

When you grind your herbs for use in a convection vaporizer, you usually don’t need to grind them as finely as you would for a conduction vaporizer. Any herb grinder should do the job. Sprinkle your herbs into the oven of your vaporizer until you have a mound that’s approximately level with the top of the oven. There’s no need to create a mound that’s higher than the edge of the oven because you won’t be pushing the herbs down. Use the tamper tool to flatten the top of the mound. Avoid pushing the herbs down because you’ll need good airflow to completely utilise the buds. As with a conduction vaporizer, you’ll know that you’ve packed a convection vaporizer properly because you’ll get large, satisfying vapour clouds without feeling any restrictive air pressure when you inhale.

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