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What Is an Induction Vaporizer and How Does It Work?

What Is An Induction Vaporizer And How Does It Work
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What Is an Induction Vaporizer and How Does It Work?
  • October 20, 2020
  • by Elvis
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If you’re new to vaping or merely curious about what an induction vaporizer is and how it works, then you’ve come to the right place!

As the popularity of vaping continues to grow, so too does the amount of research and innovation vaping companies are putting into their products. Vaping dry herbs and concentrates are becoming increasingly popular, and the heating methods are continually evolving to get the most flavor and vapor production out of their favorite compounds.

Most of the original vaporizers featured basic conduction heating methods that involved the herb or concentrate coming into direct contact with the heating element. It resulted in vaporizers exploding in popularity worldwide as manufacturers rushed to produce their versions of conduction vaporizers.

While there are plenty of vaporizers that still utilize conduction heating, many people believe that convection heating gives you a better vaping experience. However, there could be an even better heating method now, induction heating!

What Is Induction Heating?

There aren’t many induction vaporizers on the market currently; we don’t think it’s going to be long before you start seeing a lot more. As they refine the technology and processes, you’ll start seeing more and more induction vaporizers hitting the market. Induction heating involves heating an electrically conducting object through by using eddy currents. There is no way that your material comes into contact with the heating source in any way. You’ve probably heard of induction cooktops, but induction heating in vaporizers is a very new science.

What Is an Induction Vaporizer?

While induction heating can appear quite complicated, it’s really quite simple once you start getting into it. To help explain it a little better, we’ll focus on the Dr. Dabber Switch for the next section. The Dr. Dabber Switch utilizes an induction coil at the top of the vaporizer, which works in conjunction with the included induction cups.

The induction coil heats the cup, which is where your material is located utilizing a magnetic field. The biggest hurdle that manufacturers need to overcome is the size of the coil and the size of the cup. The coil and cup need to be big enough to heat a reasonable amount of material but small enough to fit into a vaporizer that’s convenient for vapers to use.

The design of the Dr. Dabber Switch means that your concentrate or dry herb is placed into an environment which contains almost no oxygen. What does that mean? It means that you can vaporize at higher temperatures, above the usual point of combustion, without any risk of combustion happening. You’ll get 100% of the terpenes inside your material while leaving all the leftovers in the cup.

Another bonus is that you won’t ever have to replace coils because the included induction caps don’t need to be replaced. Not only are you getting a better vaping experience, but you’re also going to be saving money on operating costs. No matter how careful you are with your atomizers, eventually, they’re going to break or need to be replaced, and that can add up to some serious money over time.

Along with saving you the money, you’re also going to experience faster heat-up times, which means you’ll be spending less time waiting for your vaporizer to heat up and more time enjoying your favorite herbs and concentrates. Currently, most induction vaporizers are desktop style vaporizers because of the larger size. Still, in the future, hopefully, we’re going to start seeing a lot smaller and more portable induction vaporizers hitting the market.

Where Is Induction Vaping Heading?

If manufacturers can find a way to overcome the size of induction vaporizers, you’re going to see and hear a lot more about induction vaporizers. The rapid heat-up times alone are worth it for your desktop vaporizer. There’s nothing worse than spending your night between sessions waiting for your vaporizer to reach the correct vaping technology continually.

Another exciting aspect of induction style vaporizers is that they produce significantly even heating that delivers a premium vaping experience. Why is this important? Because it means that you’re going to get 100% out of everything you’re vaping without having to worry about wasting anything. Those dry herbs and concentrates are expensive, so wasting them isn’t an option that many vapers like to think about.

With an induction heating system, you also have the versatility of being able to vape either dry herbs or your favorite concentrates. For any new induction vaporizers to be successful, they’ll need to outperform the current models to cement their market position. The good news is that it looks like induction vaporizers are here to stay. Currently, induction vaping technology lends itself more to desktop-style vaporizers because of its large size. Still, hopefully, in the future, we’re going to see many smaller and more portable induction vaporizers hit the market.

If you are in the market for a desktop vaporizer, then induction is worth a look! If you have any questions about choosing the best dry herb vaporizer for you or how to clean it, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at My Next Vape.

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