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What Is A Quartz Banger?

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What Is A Quartz Banger?
  • December 4, 2018
  • by mynextvapeadmin
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If you have heard the term quartz banger before, but you’re not sure what it is then keep reading, and we’ll explain everything there is to know about quartz bangers!

To get the most out of your delicious waxy oils and concentrates you’re going to need a heating source to turn them into delicious vaper. Many rigs come with a glass nail for concentrates, but anyone serious about their oils and waxes knows that there are better options out there. The most popular choice for any true concentrate connoisseurs is the quartz banger. Why might you ask? Let’s check it out.

What Is A Quartz Banger?

To put it simply, a quartz banger is a different variation on a concentrate nail. It allows you to heat your concentrates and deliver maximum flavor and effect. Quartz bangers are constructed from a single piece of quartz and combined with a water pipe to deliver delicious and powerful vapor. Quartz bangers are a simple yet effective design which is what makes them attractive over glass nails which require many additional accessories. This makes them easy to use and simple to clean and maintain.

How Does A Quartz Banger Work?

Quartz bangers really are quite simple. They work by retaining the heat which is delivered by a heating source such as a torch. The heat vaporizes concentrates, waxes and oils in the bucket. You then inhale on the mouthpiece drawing the vapor through the elbow of the quartz banger and into the water pipe.

Quartz Heat Retention

The great thing about quartz is its unique heat retention properties. Quartz has much better heat retention compared to titanium, and the more you use it, the better the heat retention becomes. When you use titanium nails, they collect sticky residue and resin and oxidize naturally through molecular interaction with the air. The older the nail is, the more heat retention ability it loses. This means that you’ll have to heat your nail longer and longer the older the titanium nail gets. This additional exposure to heat can cause your pipe to crack or explode.

Quartz has much more localized heat retention. The heat you apply from your torch doesn’t spread into the joints on your glass water pipe. Titanium is the opposite, spreading heat rapidly. This can be extremely detrimental on the life of your glass.

Quartz Banger Vapor Delivery

Quartz bangers utilize a longer vapor path compared to other devices. This means that the vapor has further to travel and is much cooler when it reaches your mouth and lungs. With the extended design of quartz bangers, you can find more comfortable positions to vape.

Quartz Bangers In Conclusion

Quartz bangers have some great benefits compared to titanium heating devices. They offer excellent heat retention. They deliver pure and delicious vapor without adding additional flavors to the vapor. They won’t spread heat to your glass like titanium nails and are easy to clean and maintain. They’ll make a great addition to any true concentrate enthusiast.

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