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Volcano Hybrid Spotlight

Volcano Hybrid Spotlight 01
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Volcano Hybrid Spotlight
  • February 5, 2020
  • by mynextvapeadmin
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Over 19 years ago, the first Storz & Bickel Volcano vaporizer hit the market and introduced the world of vaping to convection heating combined with reliability. The balloon bag style remained when they released the Volcano Digital vaporizer, which was easier to calibrate and read.

Jump forward to 2019, and Storz & Bickel have revamped the Volcano with a touchscreen interface and new heating technology. However, they haven’t forgotten where they came from, and Volcano still remains the whip-style delivery option.

So, what have Storz & Bickel done to improve the Volcano vaporizer?

Although Storz & Bickel have mastered the convection heating method, it hasn’t stopped them from trying to improve it. The Volcano Hybrid pushes hot air into the newly redesigned chamber. There’s no combustion, so you end up with a pure and natural vapor taste.

They added a double-helix heat exchanger that would provide faster preheat. The improved heat exchanger will see you vaping in less than 40 seconds.

The older Volcanos only delivered vapor via a balloon bag. It allowed you to share vapor around a circle or take different sized hits. With the Volcano Hybrid, you get to choose between the classic balloon bag and the whip-style draw. If you love hookah style vaping, then you’ll probably enjoy the whip-style option on the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer.

Another cool feature of the Volcano Hybrid is that it includes an adaptor that allows you to use your custom balloons.

The next exciting feature that you’re going to love is the new touchscreen display. The original Volcano had an old-school dial, next up was classic + and – buttons on the Volcano Digital, and finally, a touchscreen on the Volcano Hybrid.

The overall size of the Volcano Hybrid is the same as the original Volcano models, but it does have a slightly brighter screen and cleaner look. The touchscreen makes it fast and easy to adjust temperatures to suit your vaping preference. In conjunction with its new look, Storz & Bickel have released a new app that makes switching heat settings and preferences on the Volcano Hybrid even easier.

Volcano Hybrid Spotlight 03
Volcano Hybrid Spotlight 02
Volcano Hybrid Review Conclusion

You’re probably thinking that Storz & Bickel haven’t changed much with the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer, and you’d be almost right. However, the things they did change have made a significant improvement on a desktop vaporizer that vapers around the world have fallen in love with. If you love your original Volcano’s, then you’re going to have a blast with the Volcano Hybrid and the exciting new features that Storz & Bickel have incorporated.

If you do the majority of your vaping at home, then the Volcano Hybrid desktop vaporizer would be an excellent investment.

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