Vaporizing Weed 101
Vaporizing Weed 101

Vaporizing is a recent development in the smokers arsenal of cannabis consumption methods. Made
popular as a “healthier” way to smoke your favorite tobacco or herb without the side-effects of
traditional smoking methods.

Commonly marijuana or tobacco is smoked through a joint, cigarette, bong or pipe and hot smoke is
inhaled through the lungs. Vaporizing has been proved to be much less harmful to the body with far
fewer contaminants in the final smoke you inhale into your body.
The concept of vaporizing is simple, heat the matter to a temperature using a heating element and
the compounds are released through a gas or vapor. A vaporizer simply consists of a heating
element, combustion chamber, power supply/battery, mouthpiece or whip. The herb is placed in the
combustion chamber, the heating element is then turned on, heated to the desired temperature and
vapor is collected. You then inhale the gas through the mouthpiece and enjoy a clean, crisp vapor
filled with cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Types of Vaporizers

There are three main types of vaporizers on the market, namely: portable vaporizers, desktop
vaporizers and pen vaporizers. Portable vaporizers are obviously more portable than desktop
vaporizers, and are usually used for vaporizing cannabis flowers but also used for cannabis
concentrates. Desktop Vaporizers are bulkier than the other types but are more efficient and allow
for temperature control and bigger quantities of vapor are extracted.

There are hundreds of brands of vaporizers out in the market, some good quality brands are
Herbalizer, Pax, Firefly and Vapium. Firefly offers a great portable vaporizer for smoking your dry
cannabis buds in, while Dr. Dabber range of products is more suited for cannabis concentrates.
There is also one major difference in vaporizers, and that is how the herb is heated, either
convection or conduction. Conduction heating directly heats the herb, while convection heats the air
around the herb. Both ways work efficiently, its your budget and choice that decides which one
works best for you.

Vapium Summit Plus Portable Vaporizer

Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen Vaporizer


Temperature control is one of the important features of Vaporizing Weed 101. Your heating element which is
operated through batteries or a direct power source will allow you to heat your buds to a perfect
temperature of 180 Celsius. Cannabinoids have different vaporizing temperatures and THC
( Tetrahydrocannabinol ) is around 150 degrees while CBD ( Cannabidiol ) is a little higher at 160-
180 degrees. Vaporizing between 150 degrees and 190 degrees usually maximizes your vaporizing


Smoke occurs when buds are heated to a temperature of 210 Degrees and therefore a lot hotter than
vapored gas. These hotter temperatures and contaminants are the reason smoking is associated with
respiratory diseases and conditions in smokers. Many studies have proved that vapor does not have
these side effects on our lungs and a far healthier way to consume cannabis. One can see how
vaporizing works better at far lower temperatures. For this reason, vaporizers are very popular
amongst medical marijuana patients.

I hope this brief introduction to Vaporizing Weed 101 has given you more insight and understanding about
the healthier alternative to smoking cannabis or tobacco.

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