No Cigarette Burns

Vaping is relaxing and leaves a smooth fragrance. A pleasant change from being left with cigarette burns. Vape with no worries about dropping a cigarette and burning yourself, your clothes, your furniture, or, even worse, burning your house down. Vaping alleviates this risk allowing you to be you. You can relax and enjoy your favourite flavours with no worries.

Cost effective

Smoking is an expensive hobby. The price of price of cigarettes has doubled in the last six years making Australia one of the most expensive places to smoke in the world. This increase in cost set to continue. In the 2016 budget, it was announced there is to be a 12.5% tax increase on tobacco products each year from 2017 to 2020. Smoking a pack of twenty a day can set you back over $7,300 a year! It’s no surprise why many people are moving towards vaping, with the typical vaper spending around $15 a week on liquid. With the amount you save after switching to vaping, the opportunities with what you could do with your extra money is endless. So not only is vaping healthier for you, it’s healthy for your wallet too.

Helps Quit Smoking

Whether you want to slowly ease yourself out of smoking or if you want to go cold turkey, there is no doubt that trying to stop smoking is one of the most difficult challenges for someone to overcome. The emergence of vaping has been revolutionary in helping those achieve their goal. A survey in Britain shows the number of smokers is at its lowest since records began, with more than one million people giving thanks vaping to help them quit. Quitting smoking is difficult, but with the power of vaping the transition to a smoke-free life is more achievable now than it has ever been before.

No Dirty Ashtrays

We all know that cigarettes leave a bad smell which lingers whereas vapour leaves a pleasant one which tantalises the senses. What makes this more enjoyable is that there is no mess to clean up afterwards. The vaping community does not have to worry about trying to flick out a bit of cash from their car window on a rainy day or apologise for trays full of ash and cigarette butts lying around the house. One can simply vape away with no worries about making the effort to clean up after.

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