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The PAX 3 Complete Versus The Basic Kit

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The PAX 3 Complete Versus The Basic Kit
If you’re thinking about buying the PAX 3, then it makes sense you’d want to know whether to buy the PAX 3 Complete Kit or the Basic Kit. Well, let’s find out?
  • November 13, 2018
  • by mynextvapeadmin
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Choosing a new dry herb vaporizer is never easy. Most people spend a lot of time researching the vaporizer which they’re going to buy, its performance and what type of accessories it comes with. A lot of people love the new PAX 3, but there is still quite a lot of confusion about what’s included in the PAX 3 Basic Kit and the Complete Kit. We’ll help explain it all to you and save you some time researching what you’re buying and what you’re getting for your money.

The creators at PAX offer buyers the choice of two different packages when it comes to their new PAX 3 vaporizer. The two choices offer you an affordable setup, the PAX 3 Basic Kit, as well as the opportunity to buy the more expensive PAX 3 Complete Kit.

When you order from the PAX website, the ‘Device Only’ option is the basic kit. When you order the ‘Complete Kit’ you receive all the additional extras. Both choices will allow you to vape some delicious dry herbs, but the Complete Kit is going to allow you to do a lot more.

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The Pax 3 Sub
PAX 3 Basic Kit Description

The PAX 3 Basic Kit is the no-frills version of the PAX 3. If you love vaping dry herbs, you’re still going to be able to get you vape on, but there are a few things missing the basic setup. The PAX 3 Basic Kit includes the cleaning kit, charger, and both the flat and raised mouthpieces. It comes in around $50 cheaper than the PAX 3 Complete Kit.

PAX 3 Complete Kit Description

When you purchase the PAX 3 Complete Kit, you’re going to get a charger, both the raised and flat mouthpieces, cleaning kit, concentrate insert, half-pack oven lid, multi-tool and carrying case. Not a bad haul of gear for just a little bit extra on top! If gives you the option of vaping smaller loads if that’s something which you prefer and a heap of extras to go along with your new PAX 3. It prices itself at around $50 more than the PAX 3 Basic Kit but boasts almost $100 worth of additional extras.

Which PAX 3 Should You Buy?

It’s never easy to make a choice between accessories and saving some money, but if you change your mind later and decide you want something later, you may end up paying a lot more for it. The biggest thing you need to remember is that if you don’t go with the Complete Kit, then you’re going to miss out on the concentrate insert. If you have been thinking about concentrates or already enjoy them, then this is one accessory you can’t do without. It costs about $50 by itself. If you end up buying it later, you’re going to be paying the full price anyway.

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