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The Complete Dr. Dabber Stella Review

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The Complete Dr. Dabber Stella Review
  • October 20, 2020
  • by Elvis
  • Views: 1767

Are you looking for a new concentrate vaporizer? Then the Dr. Dabber Stella could be perfect for you!

If you’re trying to find one of the original brands that took the concentrate vaping world by storm, then Dr. Dabber is it. They’ve been around from the start, and they’ll most likely be around until the end, continually looking for exciting new ways to innovate the technology in the vaping concentrate world. Their latest addition to the concentrate vaping world is the Dr. Dabber Stella!

The Dr. Dabber Stella will efficiently vaporize any type of concentrate. This versatility makes it one of the best concentrate pens in the world for anyone that likes to switch up the different types of concentrate that they use. In the following article, we’re going to take a closer look at the Dr. Dabber Stella and see why it’s becoming so popular with vapers around the world.

Breaking Down the Dr. Dabber Stella’s Performance

The first thing you’ll notice about the Dr. Dabber Stella is its proprietary heating technology known as Coefficient Resistance. One of the benefits of this heating technology is that it creates an exceptionally consistent heating temperature even while you’re taking draws on your vaporizer. The battery on the Dr. Dabber Stella will adjust the voltage as you draw, meaning you’ll get an even and consistent heat. This means you can say goodbye to those spikes you get, which results in a harsh draw.

Another component of the Dr. Dabber Stella is its floating coil design, which aids in reducing the heat transfer and prevents your vaporizer from getting hot in your hand. There’s nothing worse than not being able to vape because your hand is burning! The floating coil on the Dr. Dabber Stella reduces the ceramic heating chamber’s contact with the body of the vaporizer and forces the heat back into the chamber where it should be, not into your hand. The offset air inlets on the Dr. Dabber Stella force the heat to travel through the chamber and create a vortex which offers lower draw resistance while increasing the amount of flavor you experience when you inhale.

To help make your vaping experience even more pleasurable, Dr. Dabber gave the Stella three different voltage settings, ranging between 460.F and 775.F. If you ever get frustrated trying to find the perfect temperature, then you’re going to appreciate the pre-set temperature settings that Dr. Dabber selected. With a single press of a button, you can quickly and easily switch between temperature settings. It’s this ease of use that makes the Dr. Dabber Stella such a popular choice with concentrate vapers around the world. It doesn’t matter what concentrate you prefer; you’ll have the perfect setting with the Dr. Dabber Stella.

Dr. Dabber Stella Construction

If you are familiar with Dr. Dabber’s Aurora concentrate pen, then you already have a reasonably good idea about what the Stella is and how it’s constructed. However, they have added some impressive upgrades with the Stella. The Dr. Dabber Stella is a little thicker and feels more robust in hand. There is nothing worse than the feeling that your vaporizer is going to break with just the smallest bump or drop. You won’t get that feeling with the Dr. Dabber Stella.

If you lead an active lifestyle and you’re searching for a vaporizer that’s going to withstand the test of time while you enjoy life, then the Dr. Dabber Stella could be perfect for you! The Dr. Dabber Stella will be able to operate regardless of how you treat it. It features a black stainless-steel body that is tough and durable while also looking stylish and sleek. Oh, and the construction of the Dr. Dabber Stella means that you won’t be wiping dirty and grimy fingerprints off your vaporizer all day!

Dr. Dabber Stella Conclusion and Thoughts

If you have been searching for a reliable and efficient concentrate vaporizer, then you have found it in the Dr. Dabber Stella. The concentrate is easy and fast to load via the tool and chamber, which means you’ll spend less time fussing and more time vaping. If you like diversity, and switching up your concentrates, then the Dr. Dabber Stella is ideal because it offers you the chance to vape a variety of different concentrates with one vaporizer.

When you combine that with the easy to use controls and economical heating technology, it’s no surprise that the Dr. Dabber Stella is getting so many great reviews from concentrate enthusiasts around the world. If you have tried the Dr. Dabber Stella for yourself and would like to let other vapers know what your experience was like, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, share the article, or comment below.  

If you are in the market for a versatile concentrate vaporizer that’s versatile and durable, and then the Stella is definitely worth a closer look! If you have any questions about choosing the best dry herb vaporizer for you or how to clean it, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at My Next Vape.

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