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The Best Way To Clean Your Vape Tank!

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The Best Way To Clean Your Vape Tank!
  • December 4, 2018
  • by mynextvapeadmin
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Wondering how to clean your vape tank? Then keep reading!

If you don’t take good care of your vape tank and allow it to become neglected, then you’re never going to get the best performance out of it. Build-up inside the tank will lower the flavor of your e-liquid and result in less vapor production. If you start to experience a burnt taste or less vapor production, then it could be a sign that it’s time to give your vape tank a good clean. In the following guide, we’ll break down how to clean your concentrate or dry herb tank.

How To Clean Your Dry Herb Vape Tank

If you have a dry herb tank, then you’re in for a bit of luck because dry herb tanks are much easier to clean compared to concentrate tanks. The dry herb doesn’t stick to the sides of the tank as much as concentrates do and it doesn’t leak everywhere. While cleaning dry herb tanks isn’t as tedious as concentrates it’s still going to take a little effort.

If you don’t keep on top of the cleaning of your dry herb tank sediment can build up inside it. This excess sediment can restrict the airflow of your tank and effect not only the vapor production and flavor but also ruin your dry herb.

  • You’ll want to start off by disassembling the vaporizer. This will allow you to get better access to all the different parts.
  • Tap the tank firmly against a hard surface to loosen any remaining dry herb.
  • Make sure that you don’t lose the screen or filter if your dry herb vaporizer has one.
  • Use a small wire brush to give your dry herb chamber a good scrub. Rotate the wire brush around until any stubborn residue has been removed.
  • If your tank does have a screen or filter, then it’s important that you give it a good clean too. Use the wire brush to scrub the screen and remove any stubborn particles.

How To Clean Your Concentrate Vape Tank

When it comes to concentrate vape tanks, you’ll have a little harder work ahead of you when it comes time to clean. Concentrate vape tanks generally collect less loose material compared to dry herb vape tanks, but what they do collect is much harder to clean. The gunk can be quite stubborn to remove and even become crystalized over time. If it starts getting harder to draw on your concentrate vape tank, then it’s time to give it a good clean.

  • Before you disassemble your concentrate vaporizer, you’ll want to give it a good thirty-second burn off.
  • Now that you have done the burn off it’s time to disassemble your vape tank.
  • Start off by letting some hot water run through the vape tank. Careful not to burn yourself. This will help to flush out any remaining concentrate.
  • Now it’s time to wipe off any remaining concentrate.
  • Allow the concentrate tank to air dry for thirty minutes, and you’ll be ready to reassemble and start vaping again.

Isopropyl alcohol is great for removing any stubborn residue, but the best approach is to clean your vape tanks frequently to avoid them getting too dirty. 

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