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The Best Vaporizers of 2020!

The Best Vaporizers Of 2020
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The Best Vaporizers of 2020!
  • February 5, 2020
  • by mynextvapeadmin
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If you were looking for the best vaporizers of 2020, then you have come to the right place!

There is no denying that 2020 was a big year for vaping and vaporizers. Some of the industry’s best brands, including Storz & Bickel, KandyPens, and Grenco Science all released new dry herb and concentrate vaporizers. Vaping technology is continuing to advance in leaps and bounds, with better technology being squeezed into smaller more convenient vaporizers.

Let’s take a look at some of the more impressive vaporizers we were lucky enough to see hit the shelves in 2019! To make it a little easier for you, we have broken the vaporizers up into different categories.

The Best Portable Vaporizer of 2020

Once upon a time, portable vaporizers were strictly for dry herb, but times have definitely changed! Now, most portable vaporizers feature dual capabilities that allow them to be used for either dry herb or concentrates. To be considered as the best portable vaporizer of 2019, we looked at functionality, flavor production, consistency, price, and durability.

Our choice for the best portable vaporizer of 2020 was the AirVape Xs Go. The AirVape Xs Go offers you the option of five preset temperatures. The ceramic oven performs well, delivering pure and flavorful vapor. The AirVape Xs Go provides an excellent experience for both concentrates and dry flavor making it a functional and portable vaporizer for a variety of different vapers.

The Best Vaporizers Of 2020 02
The Best Vape Pen of 2020

You wouldn’t think that there were a lot of changes companies could come out within the vape pen sector, but some companies are still surprising us. Our choice for the best vape pen of 2019 was the Boundless Terp Pen. With a price of approximately $30-40, it’s hard to argue against that level of affordability.

One of the best features of the Boundless Terp Pen is the amount of vapor this little vaporizer produces consistently. The battery life is good, with most people getting almost a full day without recharging, and if you do have to recharge, it’ll take less than an hour.

The Best Desktop Vaporizer of 2020

Our choice for the best desktop vaporizer goes to the Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid! This desktop vaporizer will allow vapers to choose between either a bag or whip-style experience. Whatever method you choose is going to produce some big delicious clouds of vapor. You can choose to use it for your favorite concentrates or dry herbs.

The Best E-Nail of 2020

Without a doubt, the e-nail was one of the biggest selling and most popular vaping devices of 2019. Our choice for the best e-nail of 2020 was the KandyPens Oura! This e-nail is an absolute best when it comes to enjoying your favorite concentrates. One of the design features of the Oura is its ability to produce huge clouds of vapor, and it doesn’t fail to deliver.

The Oura features four calibrated temperatures, which will that take approximately five seconds to reach due to the powerful 3000mAh battery. It also features a quartz atomizer and ceramic bowl. This gives you an additional customization option when it comes to choosing your personal vaping methods.

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