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Which Is the Best Refillable Vape Pod?

Rubi Vaporizer By Kandypens
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Which Is the Best Refillable Vape Pod?
  • December 4, 2018
  • by mynextvapeadmin
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Refillable vape pods are taking the vaping world by storm, but which one is the best?

While some vapers are past what they consider ‘beginner vapes’ many other vapers are still turning to refillable pod vapes as a simple and cost-effective way to vape, vape pods are a great middle ground between cheap vape pens and more expensive and advanced vape mods. Refillable vape pods allow you to experience some fantastic e-liquid without having to worry about all complications associated with more advanced vaporizers such as sub-ohm mods, squonk mods, drip mods, and mechanical mods.

Refillable vape pods were designed for vapers that don’t want the hassle of changing settings, or coils, and just enjoy vaping. The pods on refillable vape pods can quickly and easily be filled with your favourite e-liquid. Pods are generally specific to particular pod vape systems and aren’t interchangeable. Refillable pods make the vaping experience much easier and user-friendly.

What Is The Best Refillable Vape Pod On The Market?

We are seeing more and more refillable vape pods hitting the market. The more popular they become, the more vape companies are looking at introducing their own versions of these popular vaporizers.

KandyPens RUBI Refillable Vape Pod

The RUBI by well-known vaping company KandyPens takes the title for the best refillable vape pod on the market. To start with the RUBI is one of the most aesthetically pleasing refillable vape pods around. The RUBI is approximately 4 Inches tall and features a button-less operation for vaping anywhere anytime. The RUBI utilises an ‘open pod system’ which means that you can refill your vaporizer with any liquid or concentrate.

What limits many refillable vape pods is that the pods themselves can’t be refilled and you’re stuck with whatever liquid or concentrate comes in the pod. The RUBI’s open pod system allows vapers to choose what they want to vape in their vaporizer. The 1ml pod is easy to open and refill and provides vapers with unlimited choice when it comes to what they vape. If you like to vape a large variety of flavors you can prepare pods in advance and quickly and easily swap them out to whatever flavor or liquid, you desire within seconds.

Another reason why many consider the RUBI to be the best refillable pod vaporizer is the ceramic coil technology. To give you maximum vapor and flavor, the RUBI features a ceramic coil which is wrapped in organic Japanese cotton. The RUBI features a 1.6 Ohm heating coil and distributes 8.5 Watts of power. The RUBI delivers approximately fifty puffs per charge and charges quickly and easily. Because the RUBI is air activated, it only works when you inhale. You don’t have to worry about it accidentally firing off in your bag or pocket making it extremely safe to use and perfect for vapers on the move.

If you have been thinking of a refillable pod vaporizer, then the RUBI by KandyPens is one of the most versatile and affordable vape systems on the market.

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