Twisty Blunt


Specially designed Twisty pipe
Cherry stays lit as you turn
Filtered mouthpiece cools down hit
Stores up to 2 grams
Fits 18/19mm and 14mm female downstems

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Twisty Blunt could be the future of paperless joints! Twisty Blunt is a revolutionary new way to enjoy your blunt or joint without the inconvenience of having to roll paper. The Twisty Blunt features a long corkscrew design that helps to feed the interior of the pipe when you twist the end. When you’re done, you just reverse the direction, emptying the used herb. No mess and no fuss with the glass Twisty Blunt!

The Twisty Blunt is so easy to load, you’ll wonder what took you so long to try it. You simply remove the screw from the glass tube. Now, take your dry herb and grind it up, not too fine, then pack it into the glass tube. You’ll be surprised to know that you can fit 1.5 grams of dry herb into the Twisty Blunt. Once it’s loaded with dry herb, carefully start screwing the screw into the glass tube in a counterclockwise direction. The Twisty Blunt utilises durable glass and is tough.

Within a few seconds of loading, you can light up the Twisty Blunt! Much faster than rolling a conventional joint or blunt. If you’re tired of messing around trying to roll joints, always having to re-light them, and wasting marijuana, then it’s time to grab a Twisty Blunt for yourself! Once you’ve finished smoking up, just twist the screw in the opposite direction, and all the ash will fall out the end. Place the silicone cap over the end of the  Twisty Blunt to stop the smell, and you’re all finished.

The future of paperless joints is here, and the Twisty Blunt will change your life! Your friends are going to love it when you pull the Twisty Blunt out and pass it around.

Twisty Blunt Product Specifications:

  • Specially designed  Twisty Blunt
  • Cherry stays lit as you turn
  • Filtered mouthpiece cools down hit
  • Stores up to 2 grams
  • Fits 18/19mm and 14mm female down stems


Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 10 x 5 x 5 cm


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