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PAX Mini Vaporizer

Brand 12
Product ID: 0CC145
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Herb Compatible with dry herb
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Product Description


The PAX Mini vaporizer is the easiest dry herb vaporizer to use. It has a single heat mode setting. The smallest PAX device yet, the Mini takes your flower sessions to the next level, anywhere you want to take it. All you have to worry about is packing the chamber, and turning it on. It heats up quickly, has a great battery life, and is extremely small and discreet. The PAX Mini adapts to your sessions, and will adjust temperature to match your style. It results in a very easy to use discreet dry herb vaporizer. The PAX Mini vaporizer is the perfect device for those that love a hassle-free and quick vaping session. This easy-to-use vaporizer has been designed to be used with dry herbs and offers superior flavour and aroma. It heats up quickly and produces maximum clouds in only 22 seconds. The battery life of this device is great - offering up to 2+ hours of continuous use on a single charge. And it's also built to last, giving you peace of mind with its two-year limited warranty. The PAX Mini features a one button operation that makes it easier than ever to get your vaping session started. All you have to do is power it on and puff away; no settings are required! What's more, the innovative 3D oven screen allows for ultimate convenience as it can be easily popped out for a deeper clean without any fuss. And there’s also an oven lid that comes with the package which ensures your stash stays secure at all times. You won't worry about burning your dry herb either, since this device never does that! Instead, it heats your flower evenly for consistent flavour and superior performance every time you use it. Plus, its pocket size means you can take your PAX Mini anywhere without worrying about anyone noticing what you're doing - making this vaporizer super discreet as well as practical. The PAX Mini package includes lots of great accessories too: a flat/raised mouthpiece, oven lid, 3D oven screens, wire brush, USB charger and 3000mAh battery are all included in the box - so you'll have everything you need right away!


The PAX Mini is for an active lifestyle user that wants to skip fancy settings and features. PAX Mini is a minimalist discreet vaporizer that delivers optimal performance based on usage. Focused on rich, flavourful vapor without the complex controls. For thicker clouds, take longer and slower draws. For more flavourful clouds, take shorter and faster puffs.


Focused on flavor, the PAX Mini vaporizer has a single setting. The single setting is optimized for flavorful clouds. This results in less complicated, more enjoyable sessions.


The PAX Mini box includes the PAX Mini vaporizer, a flat & raised mouthpiece, the oven lid, a wire brush, and USB charger. The concentrate oven is not compatible with the Mini, if you'd like to vape solid concentrates too check out the PAX Plus.


The Mini PAX delivers up to 2 hours of session time. Charging has never been easier with the included magnetic USB charging dock. Battery level is shown with the four LED petals on the front of the device.


  • Battery: 3000mAh
  • Height: 3.66 in / 9.3 cm
  • Width: 1.22 in / 3.2cm
  • Depth: .86 in / 2.2 cm
  • 1 Pre-set Temperature Setting
  • USB Charging Dock
  • 2 Year Warranty
With its minimalistic design and one pre-set temperature setting (ideal for those who don't want to fiddle around with complex controls), this vape guarantees rich flavourful clouds without any extra effort from your end! Whether using solo or sharing with friends, this lightweight yet durable vaporizer offers an easy way to enjoy your herbs - plus cleaning is super simple so maintenance will be a breeze even after long periods of usage. So if you're looking for an uncomplicated yet powerful vaporizer that fits conveniently into your lifestyle, then look no further than the PAX Mini! This incredible device packs all of the features mentioned above in one sleek package - delivering great high-quality sessions every time!
Additional Information
Weight.2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 5 cm
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