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LTQ Vapor Electric Herb Grinder

Product ID: 29B538
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Herb Compatible with dry herb
Out Of Stock
  • Large 1100mAh built-in battery
  • With button lock and child lock
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Short circuit protection
Product Description

Herb Electric Grinder

Are you looking for an electric grinder? 

LTQ Vapor Electric Herb Grinder comes with 1100mAh big power battery. It has short circuit protection to ensure your safe use. It has key lock and child lock to prevent accidental touch. Easy Grinder puts the power to grind and dispense your herbs easily and effectively right at your fingertips.

  • With button lock and child lock
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Short circuit protection
  • 1100mAh big power battery

Buy Herb Blender in Australia 

An electric herb grinder is an electronic device designed to grind herbs into a fine consistency suitable for vaping or smoking. Unlike traditional manual herb grinders that require manual effort, electric herb grinders use motor power to grind herbs quickly and efficiently. 

Using an electric herb grinder can save time and effort, making it a convenient option for those who frequently grind herbs. Additionally, because the grinding process is automated, electric herb grinders can produce a consistent grind, which can improve the overall vaping or smoking experience. 

Our model is compact and durable and equipped with features for satisfactory results. 

Note: It needs to cover the lid and press the protection button to start the work 

Glass Syringe in Australia 

We also have high-quality glass syringe that makes the ideal choice to dispense the concentrate. The glass syringes are made from quality components and designed to ensure that the content is fresh. Our syringe glass makes a vital vaping component and is mess-free. The markings on the syringe ensure that you can control how much you want to fill. 

We are a leading store and have a wide range of products to take your experience to a whole new level. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our devices, feel free to reach out to us. 

Additional Information
Weight.4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm
Customer Reviews

8 reviews for LTQ Vapor Electric Herb Grinder

  1. Avatar for Alex Llorente

    Mark (verified owner)

  2. Avatar for Alex Llorente

    Kathy (verified owner)

    Great product. Only problem is it has no lid on top, so you can’t get that nice build of dusties. Other than that very happy with purchase. And even with delays, because of Co-Vid19, fast delivery.

  3. Avatar for Alex Llorente

    Damien Davy (verified owner)

  4. Avatar for Alex Llorente

    Jason (verified owner)

    Good for them over weekend trip

  5. Avatar for Alex Llorente

    Allen Grove (verified owner)

    It was hard at the start didn’t no how 2 turn it on till I looked at a video n ha presto I got it working n haven’t had a problem with it great on charging n it doesn’t take long 2 mix n would recommend u 2 my friend she’s is wanting 1 now n if anyone else wanted do highly recommend the product n will get on2 ur other range thanks

  6. Avatar for Alex Llorente

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Avatar for Alex Llorente

    Luke (verified owner)

    Excellent and hardly ever need to charge

  8. Avatar for Alex Llorente

    Rosemary (verified owner)

    this works really well. recommended for people who find it tricky to get consistent chop using scissors.

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