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Four Piece Metal Herb Grinder

Product ID: GR001
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Product Description

If you want to completely mix your dry herbs before vaporizing them, this four-piece metal herb grinder is ideal. It features a base compartment and pollen screens as well as the lid and container that’s standard with most two-piece designs. The teeth in this grinder are made from strong aluminium and with more teeth to go around, you can expect even more effective results than a two-piece grinder. Four-piece grinders are superior by design, and you should pick yours up today.

With greater herb combinations and consistency on offer, four-piece grinders facilitate easier vaporization and greater surface area. In convection vaporizers, this is also ideal for allowing heat to pass through the unit, giving you a superior experience from every load. Precision-engineered teeth and pollen catchers come together to perfect the experience and create one of the best herb grinders that money can buy.

The unique pollen catchers on the extra section of a four-piece grinder are ideal for catching the smallest pieces of herb, allowing for re-use and more strength on your next hit. As well as adding extra functionality to your grinder, the pollen material is also simple to clean, ensuring the very best of both worlds.

Additional Information
Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 cm
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