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Four Piece Metal Herb Grinder

Product ID: GR001
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Product Description

Four piece metal herb grinders are useful for the completely mixing dry herbs before vaporization. While two-piece herb grinders feature a lid and container, four-piece herb grinders additionally feature a base compartment that catches kief for later use. Many four-piece metal grinders contain pollen screens that capture even the smallest pieces of herb. The tough aluminum teeth will also be more effective at grinding down dry herb to finer granules, allowing comprehensive and effective vaporization. 4-piece metal grinders are the ideal herb grinders by virtue of their build quality and effective multi-layered designs.

Herb grinders finely combine herb to guarantee the substance is simpler to vaporize. 4-piece metal grinders grind herb down to a finer consistency, leaving a great deal more surface area in each bowl. This allows for heat to pass through the vaporizer more thoroughly in convection vaporizers, making it simple to stir the blossoms in the heating chamber of conduction components to get the most from each load. The teeth that are sturdy, precision engineered pieces, and pollen-catching compartment of the 4-piece metal grinder makes it the best herb grinder on the market.

Four piece metal herb grinders include a bottom compartment that 2-Piece grinders don't have. This section boasts a pollen-catching screen that collects the smallest bits of dry herb. This allows you to get the most out of dry herb. You may scatter kief onto every bowl for extra strength. The pollen-catcher is easy to clean, and efficiently sifts kief from bigger granules of herb. Kief is the powder generates when dry herb is soil. Usually lost in 2-piece grinders, and do not make it simple to collect pollen following a grinding sessions, kief is easily available when using a 4-piece alloy grinder.

Additional Information
Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 cm
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