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Firefly 2+ Mouthpiece - 2 Pack

Brand 21
Product ID: F879F4
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2-pack of Firelfy 2+ Mouth Piece

Product Description

Firefly Vaporiser in Australia

Looking for the perfect vape mouthpiece to elevate your vaping experience?

Replace your Firefly 2 mouthpiece with this genuine Firefly OEM replacement. This removable Firefly 2 Mouth Piece is BPA free and has a built in microparticulate filter. Comes in a pack of two (2). Great to use as a spare when sharing your Firefly 2 with friends, or to replace an old/worn out mouthpiece.

Are you wondering how the vape mouthpiece can make a difference?

A vape mouthpiece is the component of a vaporiser that you place your mouth on to inhale. Some vapes come with built-in mouthpieces, while others provide an option to vape with or without a mouthpiece. Buying a vape mouthpiece can prevent your mouth from coming into contact with a hot device. It makes it easier to inhale and gives the vapour more time to cool before it enters your mouth. Additionally, if you do not want to clean your vape mouthpiece, replacing it is also an option. Interchangeable vape mouthpieces make it easy to share a vaporiser with others. It is advisable to have multiple vape mouthpieces for your device as a safety measure in case the mouthpiece gets damaged or becomes too clogged or dirty to clean. You can easily order budget-friendly vape mouthpieces for the Firefly 2+.

Buy Firefly 2+ in Australia

If you need a new mouthpiece for your vaporiser or want to have extras on hand, the Firefly 2 Mouthpiece is an ideal product. It is detachable and comes with a filter that helps enhance and purify the vapour. It is safe to use as it is free from BPA. The mouthpiece is designed for easy replacement, and it is perfect for those who share their vaporizer with others as it promotes hygiene. Additionally, having extra mouthpieces on hand can be useful if one gets lost or worn out.

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Additional Information
Weight.2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 cm
Customer Reviews

3 reviews for Firefly 2+ Mouthpiece – 2 Pack

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    Ion Norbury (verified owner)


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    Marcus (verified owner)

    Awesome thanks

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    Anthony D. (verified owner)

    Bought incase I need extras

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