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Source Vapes


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Many consider Source Vapes to be one of the industry leaders when it comes to premium vaporizer technology. They are leading the vaping technology wave with innovative designs, cutting-edge technology, components, and atomizers which are taking the vaping world by storm! Source Vapes isn’t looking at improving the vaporizers on the market today; they’re creating premium vaporizers that vapers couldn’t even imagine!

Source Vapes are leading the wave of exciting new technology and specialize in wax pen vaping technology. Source Vapes is redefining what we all think of wax pen vaporizers and wax pen vaporizer technology. Source Vapes was the first vaporizer brand to utilize un-wicked atomizers in their wax pen vaporizers. It was this revelation in the wax pen industry which forced the vaping industry to create more innovative designs and vaping technology. Ceramic rod atomizers have led the way towards double coils, triple coils, and quad coils made from numerous high-quality materials.

Source Vapes designs and manufacturers all their vaporizers and vaping accessories in the USA. They utilize strict quality control procedures, and high-quality materials to ensure all their wax pens and wax pen accessories are of the highest standard. You don’t have to worry about you wax pen vaporizers becoming obsolete when you deal with Source Vapes; they’re constantly releasing new and innovative wax pen vaporizer products. When you are in the mood to pump out some delicious, fluffy, and dense clouds of vapor, only Source Vapes will do!

It doesn’t matter what your budget is either. Source Vapes has a product or device to suit your price range. That’s the great thing about Source Vape and their innovative range of vaping products and accessories. There is a wax pen vaporizer for everyone! Check out Source Vapes range of wax pen vaporizers for yourself! We’re sure that you won’t be disappointed.