Pax 3 Vaporizer Product Review

Pax 3 Vaporizer Product Review

Overall first impression

Pax 3 Vaporizer product review. For many years, smokers required a device that would make it possible to vaporize weed conveniently and discretely, all without carrying an overly large size device in your trousers pocket. At the time, when portable vaporizers hit the market, the first original PAX device was the solution for dry herb vaping on the go. Over the years, PAX labs have developed a second version that was a major improvement over its predecessor. This included significant improvements such as increase battery life and a small transportable size. Today, we will be reviewing the PAX 3 device. It’s newer, but the question is how much of an improvement is it from the previous PAX 2 device? Let’s get straight to the review.


Build Quality

Immediately, holding the PAX 3 I acknowledge a quality built product, it has a got a solid feel to it. The people are PAX labs are very confident about the durability of their vaporizer, as they are offering a 10-year warranty. The outer housing certainly is high performance, it features being constructed from medical grade materials, so you know you can perfectly vape on this device with confidence. The PAX 3 also has colored lights and a cool vibrations feature that allows you to always be notified about any changes in the device, such as when it is ready for use. Another latest feature is that the people at PAX labs have also created a handy usable smartphone application, that allows being in full control of the operating temperature of the device.

Looks and Feel

One thing that I noticed about the PAX 3 is how shiny the surface is. It is available in silver, rose gold, black, and gold. In comparison to looks against the PAX 2, they look very identical if placed side by side against each other. The main difference that makes the PAX 3 stand out is that you can also vape concentrates, a new feature that the older models didn’t include. The colour that was sent to me to review is black.  It looks nice, but it has a glossy sort of finish on it and after daily use, you will notice that is a fingerprint magnet. I don’t have the other colours, so I can’t say for the others.



The first test is going to see how well the PAX 3 vaporizer works with using dry herbs. Upon testing, it’s clear that the performance is like the PAX 2. The main difference is that you have more control of the exact temperature of the vape. You also can pack fewer herbs into the device without having a negative effect on the quality of the vape. In terms of flavor, there is not much difference between the PAX 2 and the PAX 3, both provide you with a pleasurable strong taste of herb you are vaping. Using a small dab of wax, placing into the chamber, using the highest wattage temperature setting as recommended, I didn’t get huge clouds, however, the hit and flavor were certainly there. In regard to the performance of the PAX 3 device using concentrates, it provides an identical experience as opposed to vaping dry herbs or wax.

The PAX 3 device also makes use of the ‘Vapor app’ that can be downloaded onto your smartphone. It uses Bluetooth to make the connection with your vaporizer. You can rename the device, change the exact vaping temperature and play around with the different modes. There are four different modes that have been optimized to improve your vaping experience. Boost is a setting that backs down auto cooling slightly, be warned though the device can become extremely warm if you select this setting. The stealth setting makes the lights less bright and increases the amount of cooling. The efficiency setting allows the temperature to increase over time and the flavor setting provided on demand heating to get the best possible taste from your dry herbs. Overall, the application is great to tweak the different settings to fine tune it for the perfect vape. It’s something different that I have not come across and I think this is a great selling factor.

Battery Life

The battery life is great and lasts almost twice as long against the previous PAX 3 model. Being more powerful than its predecessors, it’s remarkable how the PAX lab team have still been able to keep the original size and height. I can’t exactly state how long the PAX 3 battery life will last in your hands. However, using wax dabs I am always getting a consistent 15-minute session with the PAX 3 device. This is very impressive, as, from your normal generic unbranded vape devices, I usually would get around 8 to 9 hits before the hit would no longer be robust. One thing it did notice though is that you can’t use this device while it’s charging, however, it is compatible with the PAX 2 charger which is a bonus.


Using the PAX 3 on a regular basis for a couple of days, regular cleaning is required in the wax chamber, if you want the best possible hit and taste all the time. You would imagine that cleaning the chamber is a simple task. From my experience, yes, it is however due to the wax being sticky things can get messy. Of course, if you are not using concentrates, then you will not have this issue. From the regular use of the PAX 3 trying to familiarize myself with it, I find its best to vape all the wax is possible remaining in the chamber, before taking it apart to cleaning it. I also have noticed that the concentrates chamber will get very hot after being used for a short while. Due to the high temperatures that are required, I would recommend that you allow the device to sit for ten minutes before holding it in your hand.


1) You have the choice to vape dry herbs and wax based concentrates.

2) Have full control using your smartphone via Bluetooth using the downloaded app.

3) Works also with the PAX 2 charger.

4) Long warranty of ten years.

5) Very compact and discrete, 100% stealth.

6) Easy to maintain and clean over a period of sessions.


7)  Although the glossy finish looks nice, it can attract fingerprints.

8) Highly priced, but can’t argue for the features it packs.

9) No pass thru charging function, you can’t use it while it’s on charge.


Upon reviewing the PAX 3, being a heavy PAX 2 device user, I can say that the new model is certainly an upgrade worth getting. It performs better and you can also vape concentrates, which for me is a big bonus. The smartphone application works great and allows you to be in full control of the device, without having any fancy buttons on the device. It looks very stealth and discreet if you are that type of vapor that doesn’t want to attract attention. The PAX 3 device currently is costly at $349.95 (AUD), but the benefits it can bring to your vaping experience is totally worth it.

Review by Elvis form My Next Vape

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