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  • September 12, 2018
  • by mynextvapeadmin
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Looking for a grinder that not only grinds your herb but rolls you a joint as well? Then stop searching right now because the OTTO by Banana Bros does just that!

If you have ever struggled to try and roll a joint or grind your favorite dry herb, then the OTTO by Banana Bros could be the solution you have been searching for. The OTTO takes your favorite dry herb, grinds it up, and then perfectly rolls you a cone-shaped joint. If you have ever been thinking about buying a premium grinder or joint roller, then save yourself some hassles and but an all-in-one grinder and roller.


Yep, we know what you’re thinking ‘it’s going to be a clunky piece of junk’ but the OTTO is far from ‘clunky.’ The OTTO is sleek, stylish, and simple and quick to use. One minute you have delicious dry herb, the next minute you have a perfectly cone-shaped joint that you’ll be able to enjoy with friends and family.

The OTTO comes ready to roll with twenty of the premium, high-quality Banana Bros rolling cones. The cones from Banana Bros are made from GMO-free, unbleached raw chlorine fiber. These aren’t your every day rolling papers, they’re made for the joint connoisseur and will impress the hell out of everyone. One of the great things about the OTTO is that it’s versatile, you don’t have to use the Banana Bros cones if you don’t want to. The King or Cal-King sized cone rolling papers will work just as well.

The price of the OTTO is definitely up there, but you need to think of the OTTO as much more than just a grinder or automatic roller. It retails at close to $130, but this isn’t the kind of grinder you’re going to wear out anytime soon. You need to remember; this is the first of its kind. It is an herb grinder and automatic joint roller that pumps out the perfect joint.

What Are Some of the Features of the OTTO Grinder by Banana Bros?

What’s In the OTTO Box? – The OTTO comes with everything you need to turn your favorite herb into the perfect cone-shaped joint. The OTTO includes twenty Banana Bros cone rolling papers, measuring cup, O funnel attachment, cleaning tool, USB charging cable, and a cool collector’s box to store it all in.

OTTO by Banana Bros Design – The OTTO looks as sleek and stylish as it is clever and functional. You would think that something that grinds and rolls perfect joints would be bulky, but it isn’t. The OTTO proves that great things really do come in small packages! This glossy black device won’t look out of place in whatever home it finds itself in. There are only two pieces, so it’s easy to pack up and travel with if you like to get around and socialize with friends.

OTTO Functionality – While a lot of grinders require that they’re plugged into a wall outlet, the OTTO is wireless and hassle-free. You can charge this little beast up and use it without having to worry about outlets. With its versatility and design, makes it hard to resist huh?

OTTO Performance – The OTTO is easy to load, easy to clean, and spits out the perfectly milled herb and perfect joints. The great thing about the OTTO is that you don’t need a degree to use it either. The OTTO uses SMART Grind Technology™ to automatically adjust the grind to suit the size of the herb. The milled herb funnels down into the cone-shaped papers then pops out a perfectly rolled joint. It’s not the quietest grinder on the market, but it’s not excessively noisy either. With its one button operation, you’re going to find it hard to fault.


It’s smarter, faster, and better than 99% of the electric grinders currently on the market, and it rolls a perfect cone-shaped joint at the same time! It’s hard to fault a device like the OTTO that takes two of the most annoying aspects of smoking herb and does them for you. If you have been thinking of buying either an automatic joint roller or electric grinder, then why not get something that does both at the same time? We know we are!

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