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On-Demand Versus Dry Herb Vaporizers

On Demand Versus Dry Herb Vaporizers
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On-Demand Versus Dry Herb Vaporizers
  • September 22, 2020
  • by mynextvapeadmin
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With such a massive selection of different dry herb vaporizers to choose from these days, how do you find the best dry herb vaporizer for you?

It’s becoming increasingly harder to choose between different types of dry herb vaporizers as more and more companies enter the market. Trying to find which one is best suited to your needs isn’t easy. One of the most significant areas of distinction is whether or not a vaporizer is considered a ‘session’ vaporizer or ‘on-demand’ vaporizer.

In the following article, we’ll break down the differences between on-demand and session vaporizers and help you identify what type of vaper you are and which vaporizer would best suit your needs. Most session vaporizers use conduction heating, while on-demand vaporizers utilize convection heating.

What Are Session Dry Herb Vaporizers?

Session dry herb vaporizers are the most abundant type of dry herb vaporizers available online. They are known as session vaporizers because when you pack the oven or chamber with the dry herb, you almost always need to use all the herb in one continuous session.

Because most session vaporizers utilize conduction heating, the oven or chamber will continue to heat the herb between draws until the herb is ultimately used. Most session vaporizers will take between 30 and 60 seconds to heat up and also take longer to cool down once you finish the session. If you only use half the dry herb in the chamber, the conduction heating will almost always cook off the remainder of the dry herb, wasting it.

Most conduction vaporizers are budget-friendly, costing a lot less than convection vaporizers. You can usually get a conduction vaporizer for under $100. For many new dry herb vaporizers, this is considered the best option.

What Are On-Demand Dry Herb Vaporizers?

When you’re using an on-demand dry herb vaporizer, you don’t have to use all the dry herb you load in the chamber in one session. You’ll be able to take a rest or break between sessions and come back and hit it again without wasting the dry herb in the chamber.

The most significant advantage to on-demand dry herb vaporizers is that the dry herbs won’t continue cooking between sessions, which allows you to have greater flexibility overloading and consuming your dry herbs compares to session dry herb vaporizers. You can pack your chamber with your favorite dry herbs and use them over several different sessions. You can take a little hit or an enormous hit, switch off the vaporizer and come back to it later if you prefer. If you like to space out your hits, then an on-demand convection vaporizer would be the most suitable option for you.

Interestingly, not all convection vaporizers are considered genuinely on-demand. If the heat-up time takes longer than 20-30 seconds, it’s not a real on-demand vaporizer. You want to look for convection vaporizers that are heating up under five seconds if possible. They also need to cool down just as quickly. You want rapid heat-up and cool down in a true on-demand vaporizer.

The Efficiency of On-Demand Vaporizers

To get genuinely efficient heating and high-quality convection on-demand dry herb vaporizers, you’re going to have a little more than session vaporizers. Still, you’re paying for a higher level of efficiency. It’s easy to get turned off by the initial high-price of a premium on-demand vaporizer, but it will quickly pay for itself.

You’re going to get more out of your dry herb and experience less wastage during heat-up and cool down. You will save a lot of money through more economical smoking and less wastage, which will quickly offset the additional cost of the vaporizer. It’s a more efficient way of getting the maximum benefit out of your favorite dry herb strains.

Conduction Versus Convection Heating Methods

Conduction heating in dry herb vaporizers relies on the oven or chamber being heated and the dry herb coming in direct contact with that oven. Although they are heated below the point of combustion, the dry herbs often get heated a lot in a conduction oven. You then draw through the dry herb vaporizer, which draws the heated vapor out into the air path and ultimately into your mouth and lungs.

Convection heating relies on heated air being pushed through your dry herbs. Your dry herbs never come into direct contact with the heat source. It’s a more efficient and even way of heating your dry herbs to the perfect vaping technology.

Hybrid heating is a combination of both conduction and convection heating methods. They mostly utilize convection heating methods to heat the dry herbs, with the conduction heating used to keep the dry herbs at a mild heat between hits or rips.

Session Vaporizers or On-Demand Vaporizers – What’s the Best Option?

There is a widespread opinion among many dry herb vapers that convection vaporizers are the best of the best when it comes to heating methods and on-demand vaporizers are the only option for any serious dry herb vaper.

It’s easy to make a case for both on-demand and session vaporizers with a lot coming down to your personal preferences, budget, and requirements. Each of the different types of heating and styles of dry herb vaporizers has its advantages and disadvantages.

The dry herb vaporizers that utilize hybrid heating technology are considered by many vapers to be the future of dry herb vaping. A lot comes down to what you’re looking for in a dry herb vaporizer and what your budget is. Obviously, if you aren’t smoking a lot, investing hundreds of dollars into one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market isn’t going to be the best option for you.

If you would like to learn more about dry herb vaporizers, or on-demand and session vaporizers, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at My Next Vape. Our friendly and professional team is always standing by and eager to assist you with any of your inquiries. Vaping can appear daunting to many beginners, but once you get started, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about!

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