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The Leading Experts in Medical Marijuana Devices in Australia
  • August 20, 2020
  • by mynextvapeadmin
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If you have been looking for more information about medical marijuana in Australia, or medical marijuana devices, then My Next Vape should be your first stop!

As medical marijuana continues to evolve and expand in Australia, it’s understandable that people have questions and concerns. Like any medication, marijuana can be quite intimidating for many people when they first begin using it. There are a lot of different terms and words that are all new and confusing.

My Next Vape is uniquely positioned to be one of the leaders when it comes to medical marijuana in Australia and the devices used for medical marijuana. We have taken a proactive approach to education-based articles about medical marijuana, which are perfect for those that are looking to try medical marijuana or learn more about it for themselves.

In the following article, we’re going to be taking a comprehensive look at medical marijuana, what it is, how it works, where medical marijuana currently stands in Australia and some of the devices that can be used for medical marijuana.

1. What is Medical Marijuana, and How Does it Work?

Medical marijuana is a marijuana product that has been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, prescribed by a doctor, and is used in the treatment of specific conditions. There are a variety of different conditions that could qualify for treatment using medical marijuana with no condition ruled out by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia. Some of these conditions include, but are not limited to:

  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Chemotherapy
  • Cancer pain
  • Palliative care
  • AIDs
  • Tourette syndrome
  • PTSD
  • IBS
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Refractory epilepsy
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Psych conditions, e.g., Schizophrenia
  • Rheumatological conditions
  • Glaucoma
  • Autism
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Immune Disorders
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Dementia
  • Epilepsy
  • Anorexia and wasting associated with chronic illness (such as cancer)
  • Insomnia
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The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has stated that they will consider any condition which has lasted longer than three consecutive months for treatment using medical marijuana. So far, they have approved medical marijuana for the treatment of over fifty-two conditions. However, there is no guarantee that when you apply to the TGA, your application will be successful, and it can be a long and tedious application process.

Marijuana is made up of over 113 different cannabinoids, but the two most abundant cannabinoids are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD, unlike THC, has no psychotropic properties and won’t get you that euphoric high like THC would. There are a variety of other cannabinoids, but these two are the most abundantly researched by the scientific community.

Inside all of us is something known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is made up of a series of receptors that are linked together and spread throughout the body. It’s because of this that marijuana can be used in so many different delivery methods and still be effective at treating a variety of different conditions.

Experts believe that cannabinoids are like the eyes and ears of the ECS and that the ECS is responsible for maintaining homeostasis (balance and harmony) throughout the central nervous system and immune system. When something isn’t functioning correctly, cannabinoids signal the cells to respond, and cells send the correct response to restore homeostasis.

Our bodies naturally produce endocannabinoids, but cannabinoids (phytocannabinoids) can interact similarly.

2. Where Does Medical Marijuana Stand Legally in Australia?

Medical marijuana has been slow to take off in Australia, but last year the TGA approved over 25,000 applications from doctors for patients to receive medical marijuana. The application and approval process varies slightly from state to state but basically boils down to this: you need to consult an approved doctor or specialist in your state who will then apply to the TGA. The TGA then approves or denies your request for medical marijuana as a treatment for your condition.

To check what the application process is for your state, then please visit the relevant state medical authority. Currently, the price for medical marijuana products can vary from as little as $50 up to $1,000 depending on what type of product you purchase and how much of it.

3. Different Ways That You Can Use Medical Marijuana

One of the great things about medical marijuana is its versatility. There are a variety of different ways that you can take advantage of medical marijuana. It’s because of the versatility of this natural product that so many people around the world are choosing to use it.

In this section, we’ll look at some of the common ways that people use medical marijuana in Australia and around the world. We’ll also look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of each of the different methods.  

  • Medical Marijuana Oil – One of the most common ways that people utilize medical marijuana is in an oil form. Oil is simple, effective, and straightforward. Oils can be added to a variety of different drinks, including tea, coffee, shakes, and smoothies. As the oil passes through the digestive system, it’s broken down by the body and then distributed throughout the body via the bloodstream. While oil is discreet, easy, and long-lasting, you also lose a lot of the oil through the digestive process, and it can take up to an hour for the effects to be felt.
  • Medical Marijuana Flower – Fresh marijuana flower or bud is a popular way for people to enjoy the potential health benefits of medical marijuana. Fresh flower can be rolled up in a rolling paper and smoked as a joint or smoked in a bong or pipe. Many people prefer to smoke medical marijuana in a vaporizer. Vaping fresh flower is a fast and effective way to use fresh marijuana flower. The flower isn’t burnt, just heated to the point where the cannabinoids are released. Vaping is a fast way to experience the effects of marijuana but will also require frequent topping up throughout the day and isn’t as discreet as medical marijuana oil.
  • Medical Marijuana Edibles – Medical marijuana can be added to a variety of different foods to create medical marijuana edibles. Edibles are an easy and discreet way to enjoy the potential health benefits of medical marijuana and can be easily made at home. It’s essential to start off slowly with medical marijuana edibles as the effects can be much more durable than either oils or fresh flower. The effects of cannabis edibles last longer and are a discreet way to experience medical marijuana.
  • Medical Marijuana Concentrates – As the name suggests, marijuana concentrates are concentrated forms of marijuana extract and come in a variety of different forms, including waxes, shatter, oils, and butter. People use equipment known as dab rigs to heat cannabis concentrates up to the point where they become a vapor. Cannabis concentrates are much more potent than other medical marijuana products and are recommended for experienced users only. Concentrates can also be vaped in a specialized concentrate vaporizer.

An In-Depth Look at Vaping Medical Marijuana

Vaping fresh marijuana flower is a relatively new way to enjoy the potential benefits of marijuana and can be quite intimidating and daunting for beginners. Still, once you get started, you’ll wonder what all the fuss is about! When you burn medical marijuana in a bong, pipe, or joint, you’re releasing carcinogens. While marijuana isn’t the same as cigarettes, we do know that carcinogens can lead to serious health conditions such as cancer. It makes sense that you would want to avoid any carcinogens as much as possible.

Marijuana is made up of different compounds known as cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential oils. All these different compounds inside marijuana have different heating temperatures. When you burn marijuana, it’s being heated at the maximum temperature possible, depending on your heating equipment. While you may feel some of the effects, you could be burning out the most essential compounds.

Vaping only heats the marijuana to the point where the different compounds are released, not to the point of combustion. The compounds then turn into a vapor, which is inhaled by the user. The discarded material can then be disposed of. It usually tastes like burnt popcorn once it has completely vaporized. If your vaporizer is burning your material, then you could be vaping at temperatures that are too high.

Many vaporizers come with pre-set temperatures, which you can use while more advanced vaporizers allow you to customize your temperature settings. There are also a variety of different vaporizers that you can choose from.

The two standard heating methods with vaporizers are conduction and convection heating. Conduction vaporizers heat the material in an oven or chamber. As the chamber is heated, the material is heated through direct contact. Most pen style or portable vaporizers use a version of conduction heating.

Convection heating methods heat air and then push the heated air through the material. Convection heating is usually used in larger desktop style vaporizers that deliver a high-quality vaping experience to their users.

If you plan on vaping while you’re out and about frequently, then a portable vaporizer would be the best option for you as it includes a rechargeable battery and doesn’t require access to a power source. If you plan on spending the majority of your time using medical marijuana at your home, then a larger desktop vaporizer is well worth the investment.

Medical Marijuana in Australia Conclusion

Medical marijuana in Australia is still in its incredibly early stages, and there are a lot more research and studies that are required before it’s fully embraced. As countries such as Canada and the United States expand their medical marijuana programs, so to will countries like Australia.

Research and studies into cannabis products and the potential health benefits of cannabis are still catching up. For thousands of years, cannabis was used both recreationally and medicinally around the world. Even in the early 1900s, many medicines contained cannabis as one of their main ingredients. It wasn’t until the 1930s and 1940s that cannabis was reclassified as a prohibited substance by many governments around the world. This prohibition on cannabis means that for the last thirty to forty years, it has been extremely difficult for scientists and researchers to thoroughly study this natural compound.

However, that’s all changed in the last two or three decades. Now, we’re seeing scientists from a variety of different countries around the world rushing to break down the cannabis and unlock all its secrets and potential.

If you think that you could benefit from medical marijuana, then contact your regular doctor or GP and speak to them about whether you qualify for medical marijuana and ask them how you can get the process started. If you are currently taking any medication, you should always speak to your doctor before trying cannabis products as they can interfere with the way that your body processes other medications, speeding up or slowing down the process.

If you have any questions about which is the best vaporizer or product for you or would like further information about how vaping dry herbs works, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at My Next Vape. Our friendly and professional team is always happy to help answer any questions about vaping or vaporizers that you may have.

We stock some of the world’s best dry herb vaporizers and accessories and consider ourselves as one of Australia’s leading experts on medical marijuana devices. If you have been searching for a medical marijuana device or vaporizer in Australia, then we’d only be too happy to help get you started. 

Methods of administration

  • Orally—oral-mucosal spray, sublingual oil or, orally ingested capsules or tablets.
  • Vaporisation—using a vaporiser approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as a medical device or until such a device is approved, devices approved in a similar jurisdiction.
  • Trans-dermal application—patches or topical application of gel or cream.

The Volcano Medic and Mighty Medic which are approved medical devices in Canada.

Smoking of medicinal cannabis products will not be approved in Queensland.

Clinical Guidance: for the use of medicinal cannabis products in Queensland


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