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How to Effectively Clean the DaVinci IQ2

How To Effectively Clean The Davinci Iq2
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How to Effectively Clean the DaVinci IQ2
  • September 22, 2020
  • by mynextvapeadmin
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If you have been searching for the most effective and easiest way to clean your DaVinci IQ2, then you have come to the right place!

If you are lucky enough to have purchased a DaVinci IQ2, then it’s understandable that you want to know that you’re keeping it clean and the best way to clean it. Effectively cleaning your DaVinci IQ2 is the best way to ensure that it’s always performing at 100%.

It’s because the DaVinci IQ2 has the added concentrate capability; it sometimes ends up being quite dirty and blocked up with resin. The original DaVinci IQ was reasonably straightforward to clean, but the DaVinci IQ2 is a bit harder.

In the following article, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at how to safely and effectively clean your DaVinci IQ2.

How to Effectively Clean the DaVinci IQ2

The main tools that you’re going to need to clean the DaVinci IQ2 are going to be wipes, pipe cleaners, and cleaning solutions. The DaVinci IQ2 is both dry herbs compatible and also concentrate compatible, and it’s because of this that the DaVinci IQ2 can become blocked with a lot of resin and also residue.

It’s also essential to note at this stage that the more often you take the time to clean your DaVinci IQ2, the easier it’s going to be clean. If you leave it for extended periods without cleaning, then any residue is going to be much harder to remove. Now that we know what tools we’ll be using, it’s time to move on to cleaning the DaVinci IQ2.

The Simple Way to Clean the DaVinci IQ2

With so many different portable dry herb and concentrate vaporizers on the market, finding one that’s easy to clean is essential, but lucky for you, if you’ve purchased the DaVinci IQ2, you’ve got one of the best! The large oven on the DaVinci IQ2 and the removable flavor chamber are crucial components that you need to keep clean. If you can manage to keep them nice and clean, you’re already halfway to having a great vaping experience.

If you can keep these two areas clean, you’re already well on the way to having an exceptionally clean and functional vaporizer that performs flawlessly every time that you switch on.

Cleaning the DaVinci IQ2’s Pearl and Oven

The spacious oven on the DaVinci IQ2 makes it one of the most accessible vaporizers available to clean, and that’s why we all fell in love with it! Every time that you dump the left-over residue out of your DaVinci IQ2, you’re cleaning it in a small way. Because the oven or chamber is located on the bottom of the DaVinci IQ2, it makes emptying it a breeze. If you lightly clean the oven every time that you load it, it’ll make cleaning it much more comfortable and cut down on the amount of time you have to spend doing a deep clean.

You want to take your pipe cleaner and add some isopropyl alcohol to the end of the pipe cleaner. Start off by swabbing the inside of the oven and removing any large amounts of debris that may be trapped in the oven or stuck. Go carefully, so you don’t use too much isopropyl alcohol at this stage. You don’t want to flood the oven with it. Just use enough to wet the end of your pipe cleaner.

When it comes to cleaning the pearl attachment, simply unscrew the pearl and give it a decent rub and wipe with a cleaning wipe that’s been soaked in isopropyl alcohol. If you’re thoroughly cleaning the pearl between sessions, it’ll make it much easier to keep clean. Having a clean pearl in your DaVinci IQ2 means that the old flavor from different dry herbs won’t contaminate your next session.

Cleaning the DaVinci IQ2’s Flavor Chamber

If you’re extensively using the DaVinci IQ2, having a clean flavor chamber is a must if you want to enjoy the full rich and diverse range of flavors from your favorite strains and concentrates. The first step is to remove the lid from the flavor chamber, and once you have done this, then it’s time to use the pick tool, which is included when you purchase the DaVinci IQ2.

When the lid of the flavor chamber has been removed, wedge the DaVinci IQ2 pick between the remaining gasket and the flavor chamber and lift up. The chamber on the DaVinci IQ2 should easily slide up and out, giving you complete access to the inside. Now, use your wipes soaked in isopropyl alcohol to swab all of the inside parts and the chamber.

If you haven’t been regularly cleaning your flavor chamber, you may notice that there is quite a lot of build-up. The pipe cleaner can help to dislodge any stubborn material at this stage of the cleaning process. You want to make sure that you allow adequate time for all components to air dry before you start reassembling the DaVinci IQ2.

Effectively Cleaning Your DaVinci IQ2 Conclusion

If you take the time to clean IQ2 your DaVinci effectively and regularly, you’re going to experience a much better vaping experience every time that you load your favorite dry herbs or concentrates. One of the most incredible things about the DaVinci IQ2 is the massive flavor and dense clouds of vapor that it produces. The last thing that you want is for this superior performance to be compromised because you haven’t taken a few minutes to clean it. Now, with the information that we have provided above, you’re going to have a much better idea of how to clean your DaVinci IQ2 and get the most out of its performance.

If you have any questions about the DaVinci IQ2 or would like to find out how you can get your hands on one of the best dry herbs and concentrate vaporizers on the market, then don’t hesitate to contact us here at My Next Vape. Our friendly and professional team will only be too happy to help!

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