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Higher Standards, Beakers, Bongs, and Dab Rigs!

Higher Standards
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Higher Standards, Beakers, Bongs, and Dab Rigs!
  • August 29, 2020
  • by Elvis
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My Next Vape is proud to work with vaping companies from around the world and works diligently to source some of the best vaping equipment, beakers, bongs, and dab rigs from some of the world’s premium vaping companies. It’s one of those companies that we’re here to highlight today!

Higher Standards truly lives up to their name with their selection of premium beakers, bongs, and dab rigs. It doesn’t matter how you like to get down with your favorite dry herbs or concentrates; Higher Standards is going to have a piece of equipment to suit you.

They design their vaping and smoking experience to heighten the experience for their customers while at the same time delivering them affordable, top-quality equipment that’s designed to last. If you have been searching for the best way to get started smoking, vaping, or dabbing your favorite dry herbs, then it’s going to be challenging to look past the team at Higher Standards.

The team at Higher Standards is continually searching for the next big thing in vaping, smoking, and dabbing, and their team is striving for perfection in every product that they produce. They have created a wide range of different vaporizers, dab rigs, dabbing accessories, bongs, pipes, and just about every smoking accessory that you’ll ever need. They have a strong focus on producing high-quality accessories that aren’t just going to fall apart at the slightest bump or knock.

All the products that Higher Standards produces are made using high-quality components and medical-grade borosilicate glass that helps to ensure that you’re getting the full flavor of your favorite concentrates and dry herbs. It doesn’t matter what you’re into. They have the equipment and accessories to get the job done.

In the following section of the article, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the premium products that Higher Standards offer. If you love dabbing or smoking concentrates and dry herbs, then this is where you’ll find the perfect accessory to suit your lifestyle. There is definitely something for everyone below, and we know that you’re going to fall head over heels in love with the premium products from the team at Higher Standards.

  1. Higher Standards Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe – The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe is durable, long-lasting, and made from premium materials in the USA. Handcrafted from high-quality borosilicate glass that’s over three-millimeters thick. This pipe is designed for severe smokers with an extra-large bowl capacity that’s perfect for anyone that enjoys taking deep, potent hits. The heavy-duty spoon pipe features a side-mounted carb hole that allows you to regulate and control airflow while you’re taking those massive hits of your favorite dry herb. When you combine this with the flat base for easy loading and the wide mouthpiece, you’re looking at a pipe that was designed for the serious smoker!
  2. Higher Standards Black Blazer Big Shot Torch – Higher Standards teamed up with the legendary Big Shot Torch team to produce one of the best torches on the market. This high-quality torch is made from premium materials and engineered to be one of the best torches on the market for dabbing or blazing your night away! This anti-flare butane torch features precision flame control and a detachable base. It doesn’t matter what angle you’re heating from; the Black Blazer Big Shot Torch by Higher Standards is the pinnacle of heating technology and will keep going all night long!
  3. Higher Standards Glass Taster – If you’re looking for the ultimate glass taster, then Higher Standards has it right here! This premium glass taster is made from high-quality borosilicate glass to ensure unadulterated flavor from your favorite dry herbs or concentrates. You can choose from either clear glass or a frosted option depending on your personal preferences. It’s the perfect way to ensure that you’re getting the maximum flavor out of your favorite dry herbs.
  4. Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker – Have you been searching for the ultimate beaker bong to enjoy rich, full flavors from your favorite dry herbs? Then the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker bong could be the ultimate bong for you! This hand-crafted beaker is made from medical-grade borosilicate glass that’s long-lasting, durable, and won’t alter or dilute the flavor of your favorite dry herbs. It features an extra-wide base that means you don’t have to worry about spills during loading. With its thermal resistance, this beaker bong can take just about anything you’re willing to throw its way. If you’re looking for cool and flavorful rips all day long, then the Heavy Duty Beaker bong by Higher Standards is the perfect addition to your collection.
  5. Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig – Looking for a dabbing rig with added water filtration? Then the Heavy Duty Rig by the team at Higher Standards is just what you’ve been searching for! The Heavy Duty Rig features a quartz banger that delivers consistently rich and flavorful rips all night long, and it’s made from premium, high-quality borosilicate glass that is durable and long-lasting. The diffused stem on this premium dab rig helps to create a small stream of bubbles that creates a smooth draw. It’s easy to clean, easy to load, and perfect for getting the maximum experience from your concentrates.
  6. Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler – Searching for the ultimate in portable water filtration? Then the Heavy Duty Riggler by the team at Higher Standards is just what you’ve been looking for! It’s made from medical-grade borosilicate glass that’s seven-millimeters thick, strong, and durable. You’ll have rich, dense, and flavorful pulls every time that you fire this bad boy up. This durable and long-lasting concentrate rig is designed to deliver maximum flavor from every hit, and its sturdy construction is easy to clean and will be a hit every time that you get it out of its case.
  7. Higher Standards Premium Glass Filter Tips – If you’re tired of cleaning resin and tar out of your bong or dab rig, then these premium glass filter tips by the team at Higher Standards are perfect for you! They also help to ensure that your smoking experience is smoother and much more enjoyable than traditional bongs and dab rigs. They’re made from premium, high-quality materials and will help to reduce how much dry herb makes its way through the stem and into your water. These portable glass filter tips are small enough to easily slip into a pocket or bag so that when you need them, they’ll be right there waiting for you!
  8. Higher Standards Quartz Banger – Have you broken your quartz banger or tired of your old one? Then this 14mm male joint quartz banger is the perfect banger for your dab rig or setup. It is made from premium, high-quality glass that’s long-lasting and durable. When you need a quartz banger that delivers rich and flavorful rips all night long, then the team at Higher Standards has you covered. This affordable quartz banger is going to fit seamlessly on any 14mm dab rig and will consistently deliver smooth and delicious hits of your favorite concentrates.
  9. Higher Standards Riggler X G Pen Connect Bundle – Tired of the same old dab rigs to enjoy your favorite concentrates? Then the Riggler X G Pen Connect is going to be perfect for you! With rapid five-second heat-up, you’ll be enjoying your favorite concentrates almost instantly, and the good news is there’s no need to worry about carrying around a heating torch. The G Pen Connect utilizes a ceramic heating element, patented reverse air-flow technology, and can be quickly and easily paired with any glass-on-glass water pieces to deliver rich, smooth, and powerful rips of your favorite concentrate. With three pre-set temperature modes, you’ll be able to find the perfect temperature setting for you and your concentrates. It’s the perfect portable dab rig for anyone that takes their concentrates seriously and is looking for the perfect dab setup for any occasion.

If you have been searching for the latest in dabbing, smoking, or vaping dry herb rigs and accessories, then our friends at Higher Standards have just what you have been looking for! Dabbing and concentrates can seem quite daunting and intimidating for beginners, but once you get started, you’ll be left wondering what all the fuss was about! It’s a great way to experience your favorite concentrates, and every rip from your favorite dab rig will be like a brand-new experience.

Have you got any questions or concerns about any of the premium accessories from Higher Standards or would like to learn more about any of their dabbing and smoking accessories? Then please don’t hesitate to reach out and get in contact with us directly.

Our friendly and professional team is standing by to help answer any of your questions. If you have been looking for a new pipe, new dab rig, bong, or heating torch, then the team at Higher Standards has got just what you have been looking for!

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