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Ghost’s MV1 Stealth Edition Review

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Ghost’s MV1 Stealth Edition Review
  • April 26, 2019
  • by mynextvapeadmin
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Ghost is a vaping company that’s long been on our radar. Their sleek designs, cutting-edgetechnology, and overall usability have gained its brand worldwide recognition from the vapingcommunity. After months of anticipation, we’ve put the MV1 Stealth Edition to the test to see ifthis portable vaporizer lives up to the hype.

Aesthetic Design

The first thing that we noticed upon unboxing the MV1 was its seamless design. The roundedbody caught our eye, and the tactical black matte finish is a pleasure to look at. Everythingabout the design and color choice gives a sense of quality, putting it above many othercomparable vaporizers in terms of looks.

We noticed that anytime we pulled MV1 out of our pocket, a conversation about it ensued.Although it has a discreet design and color, people couldn’t help but become positively curious.

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Quality of Materials

In the world of marketing, every vaporizer company claims that they use superior materials. It’salways a disappointment to find out during use that they fall far short of these claims.

In the case of Ghost’s MV1 Stealth Edition, we were pleasantly surprised with the materials andquality of construction. When in use, there was never a moment where we tasted anything otherthan delicious terpenes. Every portion of the MV1 that comes into contact with your dried floweror concentrate is made of medical grade materials.

The importance of this fact should never be underestimated because due to the high heatoutput from vaporizers, non-medical grade materials can adversely affect your health.

When holding the MV1, the outer-body feels incredibly tough. Although it feels durable, thedevice itself is lightweight.


Compatibility is a game-changer. We’ll easily skip vaporizers that don’t allow us to use both concentrates and dry flowers seamlessly. Luckily, the MV1 offers you the ability to use a wide range of products.

The MV1 performed just as we’d hope it would with a variety of products. It didn’t matter what we threw at it, whether it was the stickiest flower imaginable, oil, or a thick concentrate. Swapping between these types of materials without the need of adapters was liberating, and for this reason, we couldn’t keep our hands off of the MV1.

Internal Design

Ghost’s MV1 Stealth Edition packs a lot of horsepower. To accomplish its near-instant heat-up period, the MV1 needed an extremely efficient internal design. Its on-demand convection chamber pushes a great deal of hot air over your preferred products, and instantly begins the vaporization process.

During every use, there was never a moment we had to wait to take a long and smooth drag from the MV1. It never hesitated to provide us with endless thick clouds of flavorful vapor.

Battery Life

Since the MV1 boasts near-instant heat-up times, the battery pack needs to be equally hefty to support such large power requirements. Ghost claims that you should be able to take 100 full-length hits from the MV1 before it requires a recharge.

We noticed that this estimate was spot on. When we lowered the temperature to take in more flavorful hits, we saw that the number of puffs extended dramatically.

We noticed that the MV1 takes a couple of hours to recharge fully when using the provided USB cable. Ghost also offers the Fast Charger, which is a portable battery pack. We noticed that this useful accessory had us back to vaping in no time.

Ease of Use

Now we’re getting to the fun part. Using the Ghost MV1 is basically as straightforward as it gets. If you’re the analog type, then using the buttons on the MV1 is dead-simple. If you’re like us, we prefer the convenience of setting our temperatures via the interface provided by the Ghost app.

Loading our flowers or concentrates into the crucible was very simple. We enjoyed the crucible's design because it made cleaning up a breeze. To make this even easier, Ghost offers additional crucibles which you can pre-load to always have a fresh bowl waiting. Once loaded, you just need to close the chamber and begin vaping.

You’ll be hard pressed to find another vaporizer that packs such a powerful punch while remaining effortless to use.

Vape Quality

After so much positivity, how could the MV1 not shine while vaping? From the moment I inhaled, I knew that Ghost’s MV1 was a real keeper. The smooth drags create massive clouds of vapor. Each puff was filled with flavor, and I felt that I could discern each and every terpene that was packed into the concentrate I was vaping.

Additionally, the MV1 was as smooth as silk. There was never a rough feeling in my throat, which is the last thing I want to feel when vaping. Each vape setting gave me new flavors as the various terpenes were vaporized.

Our Dislikes

As with anything, there’s no such thing as perfection. We can only hope to find something near-perfect. An issue we saw with the Ghost MV1 Stealth Edition was its lack of customizable temperatures. Although its pre-set temperatures worked wonders for us, we still feel that customizable temperatures are a necessity to allow users the freedom of exploring the varied tastes of terpenes.

This dislike could soon disappear since Ghost announced that they will soon implement customizable temperature settings.

Who Will Love the MV1

People who will love the MV1 are those who want a vaporizer that’s built to last and offers top-shelf vape quality. With its appealing design and powerful internal structure, the MV1 can’t help but leave everyone impressed. I still have yet to meet anyone that has an issue with the taste that comes from the MV1, and it’s unlikely anyone will.

Who Won’t Love the MV1

The individuals that won’t worship the MV1 are those who require an ultra-portable vaporizer. Ghost’s MV1 isn’t meant to fit into the pocket of skinny jeans without looking awkward. If you’re searching for an ultra-portable vaporizer, it’s best to look in a different direction. Although the MV1 is handheld and portable, it weighs a modest 12 ounces.

Our Opinion

If you couldn’t tell, we’re really into Ghost’s MV1 Stealth Edition. It’s an adaptable convection vaporizer that accomplishes everything we could hope for in style. From billowing clouds of vapor to flavors that overjoyed our taste buds, the MV1 vaporizer has found a new home in our collection of vapes. If you haven’t tried this exceptional vaporizer, we highly recommend that you give it a try; and maybe you too will be converted.

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