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G Pen Roam Review

G Pen Roam Review
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G Pen Roam Review
  • September 22, 2020
  • by mynextvapeadmin
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If you’re considering buying the G Pen Roam, then this comprehensive review will help make your choice a little easier!

There is no denying that the team over at G Pen had a massive year in 2019. They cemented their place in the vaping community with the release of the G Pen Connect that quickly and easily turned any glass water pipe into an excellent electronic concentrate rig without the use of an external heating torch.

After they kicked such a massive goal with the G Pen Connect, they set their sights on making a significant mark on the portable vaporizer market. The G Pen Roam has undoubtedly made a splash! The G Pen Roam delivers you water-cooled vapor wherever you are. If you love concentrates, then the G Pen Roam could be just what you have been searching for! Enough from us, let’s all check out what the G Pen Roam has to offer the mobile concentrate market.

The G Pen Roam’s Exciting Hydro-Tube

It truly is the internal water filtration on the G Pen Roam; that’s the star of the show here. G Pen names their internal water filtration system, the Hydro-Tube. They aren’t the first that tried this with several other devices attempting something similar. The problem was always in size. Many devices ended up too large to be considered genuinely portable, and others had significant problems keeping the water inside the device where it was supposed to be.

What the team at G Pen did was to shrink the water-filtration in the Roam to a size where it would fit comfortably in anyone’s hand. The small size of their water-filtration also makes filling up the Roam much more straightforward than many other similar devices. You detach the mouthpiece from the G Pen Roam and fill it. It also has a durable aluminum external case that protects the G Pen Roam from any accidental drops or bangs. The size alone of the G Pen Roam makes it a great addition to any portable vaporizer collection.

The G Pen Roam’s Elite Heating Calibration

Another great feature on the G Pen Roam is that it features two vaporization heating modes that have been designed to produce both thick clouds of vapor and also delicious vapor. They also incorporated a heating mode known as ‘Max Mode’ that assists with cleaning any leftover residue from the G Pen Roam.

The G Pen Roam features +/- buttons that allow you to adjust the temperature in 25-degree increments, and it features a temperature range between 600F-800F. This gives you a lot of personal choice in what temperature you vape your favorite concentrates at.

When you have the G Pen Roam set in Automatic Heat Mode, the Roam will heat up to the temperature that you choose and then give you a vibration, which tells you that the Roam is ready to vape your favorite concentrates. Great if you’re busy doing other things and not paying attention! It stays hot for 30-seconds and then will vibrate at the end of the 30-seconds. If you only want to take one hit during the Automatic Heat Mode, you double-click the button twice to deactivate the heating function.

The other heating mode on the G Pen Roam is Manual Heat Mode. This heating function is effortless and straightforward to use also. You simply click and hold the power button to start activating the heat, and the Roam will reach your chosen temperature until you release the button again. There is also a bonus heating mode that takes the Roam to max temperature. This function is mostly used to clean the Roam of any leftover residue.

G Pen Roam Full Quartz Tank

If you love the full flavor, then you’re going to love the full quartz tank on the G Pen Roam. The engineering team at Grenco Science gave the G Pen Roam complete quartz tanks that are designed to bring out the best in your concentrate’s flavor. When you vape your concentrate at lower temperatures, you’ll be able to appreciate the full flavor of your concentrates. If you vape at higher temperatures, you’re going to get a lot more vapor, but the quartz tank will still perform better than a titanium tank or a heating element.

When you combine the quartz tank with the 1300mAh battery, you’re going to get a portable concentrate device that heats up quickly and a battery that lasts longer than many other conventional concentrate devices.

G Pen Roam Review Conclusion

All the features that we talked about above combine to make the G Pen Roam a very user-friendly portable concentrate device. The G Pen Roam also features a really great LED display that allows you to fine-tune your temperature settings quickly and easily. If you are continually vaping at home, then the pass-through technology on the G Pen Roam will allow you to vape while you charge.

The ergonomic design of the G Pen Roam makes it super comfortable to hold even during some of those extended vaping sessions. While the G Pen Roam features some advanced features, the simple design and user-friendly controls make it an excellent option for anyone that’s looking to get into vaping concentrates. Don’t be intimidated by the look. It truly is a great portable vaporizer for vaping your favorite concentrates.

The team at Grenco Science has really hit it out of the park with the release of the G Pen Roam! If you love concentrates, then you’re going to love some of the features on the G Pen Roam. It will deliver both great flavors from your favorite concentrates and a healthy amount of vapor production at the same time.

If you would like to learn more about any of the high-quality premium vaporizers or concentrate vaporizers that we stock at My Next Vape, then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our friendly and professional team is always standing by to assist you with answering any questions that you may have. If you love concentrates, you’re going to love the G Pen Roam!

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