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Finding The Perfect Vaporizer For You!

Finding The Perfect Vaporizer For You!
  • December 4, 2018
  • by mynextvapeadmin
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Not sure what vaporizer is best for you? Then check out our guide on choosing the perfect vaporizer to suit your vaping style!

There are a lot of different vaporizers out there to choose from. The popular vaping gets, the more choices are available. It’s not always easy for new people entering the vaping scene to choose a vaporizer which is best suited to their needs. Conduction versus convection heating concentrates versus dry herbs, pen vaporizers, and desktop vaporizers. Vaping style and price play a major part in finding the perfect vaporizer for you.

Pen Vaporizer, Portable Vaporizer or Desktop Vaporizers?

The first big decision you’re going to make is how you’re going to be using your vaporizer once you purchase it. Do you love to go out on the town and vape socially with friends? Perhaps you’re more comfortable vaping in the comfort of your own home? It doesn’t matter what vaping style suits you. There is a vaporizer out there for everyone! The three main types of vaporizer are the pen vaporizer, the portable vaporizer, and the desktop vaporizer. Vape pens and portable vapes like the names suggest are much easier to vape wherever you are, and desktop vaporizers are more suited to vaping at home.

  • Vape Pen Vaporizers – While it may seem that vape pens and portable vaporizers are the same things, there is a considerable difference. Vape pens are portable, but portable vaporizers aren’t vape pens if that makes sense. Vape pens are very slim and better suited to just one person having a quick vape. They usually use conduction heating which means the dry herb or concentrate comes in direct contact with the heating element.
  • Portable Vaporizers – Portable vaporizers are larger than vape pens and are better for multiple vape sessions. They have bigger heating systems and offer vapers the choice of convection heating. This is when heated air is pushed through the dry herb, and it doesn’t come in direct contact with the heating element.
  • Desktop Vaporizers – Desktop vaporizer is larger again and better suited for long vape sessions with multiple users. Desktop vaporizers have better heating systems and better performance compared to portable vaporizers and vape pens. They are also the most expensive vaporizer available.

Dry Herb Versus Concentrates

Once you choose the vaporizer, it’s time to choose what you’re going to vape. Dry herbs are great for beginners looking to try vaping for the first time. They’re cheaper and easier to get used to. Concentrates are a lot stronger than dry herbs, but they’re also much more expensive. Dry herbs are the most common on the market and therefore what more users are exposed too. Many people start off with dry herbs and then begin to experiment with stronger and more powerful concentrates later. You can get vaporizers which are capable of vaping both dry herbs and concentrates, but it’s normally better to choose one or the other.

In Conclusion

A lot will come down to how much you’re going to vape and how much you’re willing to spend on a vaporizer. It’s always better to start off with a smaller more affordable vaporizer, and then if you’re enjoying it, you can always upgrade to a bigger and more powerful vaporizer later on.

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