What Does a Dry Herb Vaporizer Smell Like? Find the answers here.

What Does a Dry Herb Vaporizer Smell Like?

Whether your preferred smoking material is cannabis or tobacco — or both — you know that smoking has a strong characteristic smell that some people may not like. One benefit of switching to a dry herb vaporizer is that doing so is both more discreet and more considerate than smoking. Switching from smoking to vaping is the right decision both for maintaining your privacy and for keeping your loved ones healthy and happy — but what does a dry herb vaporizer smell like? In this article, we’ll shed some light on the subject.

Getting Started: The Difference Between Smoke and Vapour

Smoke is full of particulate matter. The particles stick to all of the surfaces within the room in which you smoke — the carpet, the walls, your clothes — everything. The smell isn’t just evident while you’re actually smoking; it’ll remain evident for days. Vaping cannabis or tobacco also has a characteristic odour. Since there’s no smoke, though, the smell is that of the material you’re vaping. Cannabis, in particular, has a very strong smell of its own. Anyone nearby who recognises the smell of cannabis will know what you’re doing when you use a dry herb vaporizer.

The good news about the dry herb vaporizer smell, though, is that it dissipates much more quickly than the smell of smoke. If you take basic precautions — such as using a fan and vaping near an open window — the smell of your vaping will be gone within minutes. A little air freshener or a scented candle can take care of the rest.

the difference between smoke and vapour

I’m Really Concerned About the Dry Herb Vaporizer Smell!

You now know that the dry herb vaporizer smell isn’t nearly as strong as the smell of smoke — either during or after use. Suppose, though, that the fast dissipation of vapour isn’t enough for you. You want to know what precautions you can take — in addition to opening a window and using a fan — to ensure that your vaping remains discreet. These tips can help.

Lower Your Vaporizer’s Temperature

Most portable dry herb vaporizers have the ability to heat the oven very close to the point at which the material may burn. Some vaporizers may have difficulty maintaining the exact temperature that you set — so your vaporizer may actually generate a little smoke if you set the temperature too high. Smoke lingers in the air much longer than vapour. To avoid generating a strong smell, you should set your dry herb vaporizer to the lowest possible temperature at which you still have a good experience.

Keep your Vaporizer Clean

Your vaporizer will cause your material to release oils and resins. Over time, those resins will collect and form a dark film in the oven of your vaporizer. The resins give cannabis its characteristic scent. The more it builds up in your vaporizer’s oven, the stronger the dry herb vaporizer smell will become. Clean your vaporizer frequently to keep that from happening. The resin that you remove from your vaporizer’s oven is still very potent, so don’t throw it away!

dry herb vaporizer smell


Add Another Scent to the Room

Although a dry herb vaporizer has a smell, the scent isn’t strong. You can cover the smell fairly easily with a stronger scent. Incense and scented candles are two popular options. Alternatively, you could roast a head of garlic in your oven. Many people find that the dry herb vaporizer smell includes a note that smells a bit like burned popcorn. Microwaving a bag of popcorn is a good way to neutralise that scent.

Make or buy a Sploof

A sploof is essentially a personal filter for smoke or vapour. You can make it from items that you probably have around the house, and it is very effective in neutralising the smell of exhaled vapour. Here’s how you make one:

  • Stuff one end of a toilet paper or paper towel roll with several cotton balls.
  • Stuff the other end of the roll with several dryer sheets.
  • Place a dryer sheet over the end of the roll. Affix the sheet with a rubber band.

When you exhale the vapour from your dry herb vaporizer, blow it through the cotton. The cotton will trap much of the vapour, and the dryer sheets will neutralise the smell of any vapour that gets through the cotton.

sploof vaporizer smell

Vape Outside

If you can vape outside, doing so is your best bet for maintaining privacy. When you exhale the vapour into the open air, the smell dissipates so quickly that anyone outside a radius of a few feet from you will have difficulty picking up the scent.

The Dry Herb Vaporizer Smell is Great for Discreet Vaping

If you want to maintain your privacy while vaping, a dry herb vaporizer is the perfect option. The slight smell that a vaporizer does produce fades in minutes, and the scent is easy to manage using the tips we’ve provided in this article.

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