Does Using a Dry Herb Vaporizer Taste Different Than Smoking?

Does Using a Dry Herb Vaporizer Taste Different Than Smoking?

Whether you currently smoke cannabis, tobacco or something else, the taste is as much a part of the experience as are the active compounds in your material. If taste didn’t matter, no one would bother buying expensive premium cigarettes rather than budget brands. You already know that vaping gives you all of the active compounds in your material with none of the smoke. You also know that vaping cannabis allows you to use your material twice — which can be a real money saver. If you care about flavour, though, what you really want to know is whether using a dry herb vaporizer tastes different than smoking.

The answer is yes. Vaping does taste different than smoking — but many people actually find the flavour superior. We’ll explain.

What Does Vaping Tobacco Taste Like?

The Problem With Cigarette Tobacco: It’s Not Real Tobacco

If you’ve decided to try a dry herb vaporizer for vaping tobacco, it’s likely that you have already tried an e-cigarette and found the experience less than satisfying. You may have trouble deriving satisfaction from anything less than the full spectrum of compounds in the tobacco leaf. You can get all of those compounds with vaping, but you won’t get smoke — and smoke is responsible for creating much of the flavour in a cigarette.

Taking things a step further, cigarette tobacco often contains sweeteners and other flavour enhancers to improve the taste. Cigarette tobacco contains flavour enhancers because it actually isn’t very good tobacco. Most of it is reconstituted tobacco — made from stems and other discarded parts of the tobacco plant along with cellulose and other fillers — rather than the whole leaf tobacco used in a premium product such as a cigar.

If you’ve ever seen comments online suggesting that tobacco doesn’t have a good flavour when vaped, it’s likely that the people who wrote those comments were using low-quality tobacco. Even many roll-your-own tobacco companies sell shredded tobacco that’s reconstituted rather than made from whole leaves. Vaping reconstituted tobacco means that you’re tasting all of the stems and fillers — but you’re not getting the sweeteners and flavour enhancers.

Vaping Tobacco Flavour

How to Get the Best Flavour When Vaping Tobacco

There’s a simple way to get the best possible flavour experience when vaping tobacco: Buy the best quality tobacco that you can afford. Ironically, buying whole cured tobacco leaves and shredding them yourself actually costs less than buying cans of roll-your-own tobacco — and the difference in flavour is dramatic. You can buy whole Burley, Virginia, Latakia and more. You can buy organic leaves. You can even mix different tobacco types to create your own blend.

Buying whole tobacco leaves for vaping also allows you to avoid the major problem that smokers encounter when they buy whole tobacco: Whole leaf tobacco lacks the additives that make cigarette tobacco burn easily. Since you’re vaping, you’ll have a perfect experience every time!

Would you like to expand your horizons even further? You don’t have to vape cigarette tobacco at all. Try vaping pipe tobacco for a completely different flavour experience.

What Does Vaping Weed Taste Like?

Most People Agree: Vaping Weed Tastes Great

If you’ve read opinions online about what vaping weed tastes like, you’ve probably come away with the impression that vaping weed tastes much better than vaping tobacco — and from reading this article, you can understand why. Cannabis isn’t sold in a reconstituted form that’s full of fillers, discards and powder. When you buy cannabis from the dispensary, you’re buying whole buds and grinding them yourself.

When you vape weed, the extra money that you spend on high-end dank strains will really pay off. Some of the flavours that people can taste in boutique cannabis strains include citrus, grape, white pepper, berries and pine. Vaping cannabis means that, when you buy expensive hybrid buds, you aren’t just getting greater potency — you’re also going to taste all of the desirable characteristics that people have bred into the plant. You’ll taste the cannabis as it was meant to taste — without smoke covering all of the delightful flavour notes.

Vaping Weed Flavour

What’s This Burned Popcorn Flavour I Keep Reading About?

When you vape weed, you’ll likely notice a taste similar to that of burned popcorn at some point. That’s the flavour that results when the cannabis has almost no beneficial compounds remaining. If you’re vaping at a reasonably low temperature — well below 220° C — the burned popcorn taste means that your session is almost over. If you taste burned popcorn early in the vaping session, you’ve set the temperature of your vaporizer too high. Weed that’s already been vaped — or ABV — is a wonderful thing. You can save it, extract the remaining compounds and create delicious edibles that allow you to get high from the same herbs twice. There’s no need to go crazy with your vaporizer’s temperature.

Final Thoughts

Reading up to this point, you’ve learned that whether your preferred material is tobacco or cannabis, vaping it definitely will not taste the same as smoking it. However, omitting the smoke — the taste and smell of which will likely grow intolerable to you before long — means that vaping actually gives you a much purer expression of your material’s flavour. The better the leaves or buds are, the better the flavour will be when you vape them.

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