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Do You Need A Desktop Vaporizer
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Do You Need A Desktop Vaporizer?
  • February 20, 2020
  • by mynextvapeadmin
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Are you tired of your portable vaporizer and looking to upgrade, then perhaps it’s time that you started looking at the benefits of a desktop vaporizer!

It’s easy to forget about desktop vaporizers with so many companies focusing on building cheaper and more portable pen vaporizers. Some of the original desktop vaporizers that many people started with are still pumping out the vapor despite the move towards smaller units. If you prefer a more practical and hands-on approach to the way you enjoy your favorite dry herbs and concentrates, then perhaps a desktop vaporizer could be just what you’ve been searching for?

What benefits does a desktop vaporizer offer?

Desktop vaporizers offer a variety of different benefits and advantages over portable vape pens and vaporizers. Sure, they have some disadvantages too, like their more significant and not as easy to transport, but we think that their advantages well and truly make up for their flaws.

Desktop vaporizer performance!

When it comes to power, you can’t go past a desktop vaporizer. Most desktop vaporizers utilize convection heating and more power to provide a more flavorful vaping experience. Convection heating pushes hot air through the dry herb rather than heating the chamber that the herb is sitting in.

It’s because of the convection heating style that many desktop vaporizers utilize that you save more of your herb. Convection heating is more efficient, which results in you keeping more of your herb and money. This cost-saving will help to offset the initial purchase price of the vaporizer.

There has been a push towards induction heating that utilizes electromagnetic waves to create heat, but they aren’t as popular yet because of the higher price.

The final performance factor is battery life or lack thereof. You never have to worry about your desktop vaporizer going flat or having to replace faulty batteries.

How do you get the vapor from a desktop vaporizer?

When it comes to portable vaporizers, there’s only one choice of how you get the vapor. However, desktop vaporizers offer vapers a variety of different options when it comes to how they get their vapor.

  • Whip style vapor delivery – Whip style utilizes a rubber hose that’s attached to the desktop vaporizer via a wand. The length of the tube determines how hot or cold the vapor is by the time it arrives in your mouth. You can adjust your hose to suit your vaping style.
  • Balloon bag vapor delivery – Most people associate the balloon bag with desktop vaporizers. The vaporizer utilizes a forced-air system that pushes the heated air through the material and into your bag. Bags are a great way to share a session with multiple people in a social situation.
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Why you should consider a desktop vaporizer conclusion!

If you spend a lot of time vaping at home, then a desktop vaporizer probably makes a lot of sense. For people continually vaping on the move, then a portable vaporizer would probably be a better option.

Don’t be put off by the upfront costs associated with a desktop vaporizer. Consider it an investment in a long future of great vaping sessions. They offer great flavor, vapor, and an efficient vaping session that could ultimately end up saving you some money along the way.

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