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DaVinci MIQRO Versus the DaVinci IQ!

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DaVinci MIQRO Versus the DaVinci IQ!
Thinking about grabbing the DaVinci MIQRO? Let’s check out how it stacks up against the Davinci IQ!
  • November 13, 2018
  • by mynextvapeadmin
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At first glance, the DaVinci MIQRO looks a lot like the DaVinci IQ, but looks can be very deceiving. While the MIQRO looks like the IQ, it’s also only about two-thirds the size of the original. It’s also about the same shape. It looks a lot like someone just put the IQ through the dryer’s hot cycle! Don’t be fooled into thinking that the MIQRO is just a smaller version of the IQ; they’re two different vaporizers made for two different sorts of vapers.

The DaVinci MIQRO

If you’re a light vaper that is trying to focus on saving a few dollars and you don’t mind sacrificing some battery life and smaller clouds, then the DaVinci MIQRO is perfect for you. The MIQRO has a smaller bowl size and less power than its big brother the IQ, great for quick sessions and microdosing. It starts off at around $150, making it a bit more accessible for those just getting into vaping dry herb or occasional smokers.

The DaVinci IQ

If you prefer bigger sessions or you’re more of an everyday, all-day smoker, then you’re going to want to focus your attention on the DaVinci IQ. It’s a little bit bigger than the MIQRO, but not so big that you can’t slip it into your pocket or bag. It produced high-quality vapor with great flavor and had a much larger bowl compared to the MIQRO. When you combine that with the longer battery life you know you’ll be able to vape all day stress-free. All of this doesn’t come without a price though. The DaVinci IQ is going to set you back about $275.

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DaVinci MIQRO vs. DaVinci IQ Vapor Quality

Both the IQ and the MIQRO pump out some high-quality vapor. They both utilize ceramic ovens and zirconia ceramic parts, extended vapor paths, and mouthpieces which not only create delicious flavor but cool the vapor. The biggest difference between the two vaporizers is potency. The oven on the IQ is almost twice the size of the MIQRO, which accounts for some massive hits. Taste and feel while vaping are pretty close, but the IQ pulls ahead of the MIQRO when it comes to bigger and stronger hits.

DaVinci MIQRO vs. DaVinci IQ Size

Size wise the MIQRO is called the MIQRO for a reason. The IQ measures 3.5 inches tall, but the MIQRO is only 2/3 the size! You’ll easily be able to conceal the MIQRO in your hand. Honestly, one of the biggest problems you’ll have with the DaVinci MIQRO is not losing it in your handbag or home. It’s seriously tiny! If it’s stealth vaping you’re looking for, the MIQRO is definitely worth a serious look.

Here are some quick points to remember before you make your decision on which vaporizer to buy:

The IQ has an adjustable oven and is almost double the size of the MIQRO.

The MIQRO will get you through about 1 gram or 20 minutes. While the IQ will push you through 4 grams or 80 minutes. That’s four times the battery life.

The IQ has a smartphone app; the MIQRO doesn’t.

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