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DaVinci IQ2 Product Review!
  • February 20, 2020
  • by mynextvapeadmin
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If you’re looking for a new dry herb vaporizer, then let’s check out what the new DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer has to offer!

DaVinci didn’t just sit back and take it easy after they released the original IQ. They have continually looked to improve and innovate, considering feedback from clients over the last few years to make some significant changes to the DaVinci IQ2. There’s a good reason why many vapers think DaVinci to be one of the vaping industries most respect vaporizer companies.

Their latest creation is the DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer. Although there has been a considerable number of personal vaporizers hitting the market over the last few months, DaVinci has managed to set themselves apart from the crowd with the IQ2. Let’s take a look at what you can expect with the new DaVinci IQ2!

What does the new DaVinci IQ2 have to offer?

DaVinci listened to what their clients had to say when they set out to build the IQ2. After all, they aren’t just pumping out a new vaporizer every other month. They made some significant changes and also some minor changes that may not be apparent straight away.

  • Adjustable Airflow – The original didn’t really have any airflow, so to speak of, but the IQ2 features DaVinci’s AirDial™ that allows users to adjust the airflow and draw resistance. You can go as low as 40% less airflow than the original IQ or 35% more depending on your personal preferences.
  • Know Your Dosage – While not for everyone, the know your dosage feature allows you to enter the potency of your dry herb and the amount of material that you’re using to track and report your dosage via an Android app.
  • Dual Compatibility – The IQ2 includes a Dosage Pod that will allow vapers to enjoy not only dry herb but also their favorite concentrates too. The beauty of the pod system for concentrates is that your oven will stay clean, unlike other dual compatibility vaporizers.
  • DaVinci IQ2 Pearl – The Zirconia Pearl allows you to shorten the size of the chamber and compact your dry herb for better efficiency. It’s also designed to reflect heat back into the chamber for better vaporization of your dry herb.
  • Thicker Insulation – They made the oven walls 20% thicker on the IQ2. It helps to prevent heat from reaching the battery while also making the heating of concentrates and dry herbs more efficient.
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DaVinci IQ2 Conclusion

Feedback on the DaVinci IQ2 so far is that they well and truly hit the mark with the different changes and upgrades they made on the IQ2. The new changes on the IQ2 will give vapers more control over how they vape their favorite dry herbs and concentrates.

While the Android app is appreciated by many people, unfortunately, iPhone users won’t be able to enjoy the same as Apple has been waging war on vaping apps.

If you are thinking of upgrading your existing DaVinci, then the IQ2 is definitely worth a look!

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