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Can I Vape the Same Herbs More Than Once?

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Can I Vape the Same Herbs More Than Once?
  • December 4, 2018
  • by mynextvapeadmin
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Imagine this scenario that we’ve all encountered: You own a vaporizer with a nice large chamber that can hold enough ground herbs for a lengthy vaping session. You’ve packed it full and settled in, but you end up finding that you’ve achieved your desired state after only a few puffs. Maybe your material is more potent than you realized, or perhaps you simply don’t want to feel overly medicated. Either way, cannabis is expensive. You’d like to turn the vaporizer off and come back to your weed later. Can you vape the same herbs more than once?

The short answer is yes. If you want to save your marijuana between vaping sessions and come back to your vaporizer later, you can.

The long answer is that your results will depend on your vaporizer and what you’re trying to get from your herbs. If THC is what you want, most of it may already be gone.


Here’s why.

How Cannabis Vaping Actually Works

Weed contains several different volatile compounds that act on the brain and body in different ways — and all of those compounds vaporize at different temperatures. THC is the most desirable of those compounds, and it vaporizes at just 157° C. As you increase the temperature of your vaporizer, you release different cannabinoids such as CBD and CBN.

So, let’s say that you operate your vaporizer at 180° C. You’re looking for the euphoric effects of THC and the anti-anxiety effects of CBD. You stop vaping after just a few minutes, so all of the cannabis in your vaporizer hasn’t actually reached 180° yet.

When you return to your vaporizer later, you probably won’t feel much other than a slight sense of relaxation. Why? Although your vaporizer’s oven hadn’t quite reached 180° all the way through yet, the oven did reach — and exceed — 157°. Almost all of the THC in your buds is already gone.

What If I Shut My Vaporizer Off Before the THC is Gone?

Now, let’s suppose that your vaping session lasts only a few seconds before you decide to shut your vaporizer off. Your vaporizer’s oven just barely reached 157°, so you’re pretty sure there’s still some THC in your buds. Can you vape the same weed again?

In this case, whether you can vape the same weed twice depends on the design of your vaporizer. Do you have a convection vaporizer in which the heating element is far from the herbs, or do you have a conduction vaporizer in which the oven heats the herbs directly?

If you have a convection vaporizer, you’re probably fine. If you have a conduction vaporizer, though, the temperature in the oven may continue to coast up even after you shut the vaporizer off. If the oven temperature gets high enough, your cannabis will release all of its THC into the air — and you won’t get to enjoy any of it.

How Can I Vape My Herbs Twice Without Having a Bad Experience?

If you want to leave your vaporizer and vape your cannabis again later, the best thing that you can do is lower the temperature of your buds as quickly as possible. Open your vaporizer, and dump your herbs on a flat surface such as a plate. If you can prevent the temperature of the cannabis from coasting past 157°, you can probably vape the herbs again and still enjoy some of the THC.

How Do I Know If It’s Worthwhile to Vape the Same Weed Twice?

Want to know if you can still get something out of weed that’s already been vaped? Look at it. If it’s brown and dry, it’s probably done. If you already tasted burned popcorn before you shut the vaporizer off, you’ve probably extracted most of the worthwhile cannabinoids already.

If you want to get absolutely every beneficial compound out of your weed before you turn it into cannabutter or compost, you can try vaping at a temperature higher than your normal vaping temperature as a last resort. At temperatures up to 220°, cannabis releases compounds such as CBC and THCV. Although you may not feel those compounds as strongly as you do THC, you may still find the effects beneficial.

Vaping at 220° requires a vaporizer with very accurate temperature control because cannabis burns at about 230°. If you empty your vaporizer and see ash, you’re smoking rather than vaping.

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