Buying Vaporizers in Australia: Comprehensive Guide

Buying Vaporizers in Australia: Comprehensive Guide

Commerce is a world with no borders. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, we live in an age in which you can buy virtually any product from a company almost anywhere in the world. When you shop online and see prices that appear to be low, importing vaporizers may actually seem more appealing than buying vaporizers in Australia. Don’t make that mistake! If you want the best service — and you want to buy a vaporizer for a fair price — you need to buy an Australian vaporizer.

Here’s why.

Why Should I Buy a Vaporizer in Australia?

Better Prices

Have you shopped around for vaporizers on other websites? If you have, you may have seen some prices that look better than Australian vaporizer prices on the surface. The thing that other online vapour shops never mention, though, is that buying a vaporizer from them means that you’ll need to pay in their local currency — and the exchange rates are often very unfavourable. For example, at the time of writing it takes 1.28 AUD to equal 1 USD. On top of that, you’ll need to pay a fee to exchange currencies. In the end, your new vaporizer — which initially appeared to cost less than vaporizers in Australia — will actually end up costing more.

Fast Shipping

Shipping speeds are faster today than ever before. When it comes to international shipping, though, the experience isn’t so great. If you want to receive your new vaporizer quickly, you’ll need to pay for air shipping — an expensive option that will greatly inflate the cost of your vaporizer. If you pay for standard shipping, your vaporizer might come to Australia by boat — which could take weeks. When your vaporizer does arrive, it’ll still need to clear customs. No matter what, importing a vaporizer is costly and slow. Buying Australian vaporizers means that you’ll receive your order in just a few days.

Better Customer Support

Most nations have consumer protection laws that require retailers to stand behind the products that they sell. Good luck getting a retailer to fulfil its obligations, though, if you don’t live in the same country. If you want to buy from a company that has your interests at heart and will provide the support necessary to make you happy, you definitely need to buy a vaporizer in Australia.

Should I Buy a Desktop or Portable Vaporizer?

If you’ve never used a vaporizer before, we suggest beginning with a portable vaporizer because the ability to vape anywhere is a feature you’ll probably enjoy. In the past, portable vaporizers were difficult to recommend because they had poor battery life and couldn’t maintain steady temperatures reliably. Modern portable vaporizers don’t have those problems; they’re long lasting and have no difficulty vaporizing herbs without burning them.

If you want to enjoy longer vaping sessions and extract the beneficial compounds in your herbs more completely, you may want a desktop vaporizer. Desktop vaporizers tend to have larger ovens than portable vaporizers, so they hold more material. In addition, desktop vaporizers often use convection fans that heat the material more evenly and extract it more completely.

Vaporizers in Australia

Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer

Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporzier Demo Video

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Should I Buy a Wax or Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Many people prefer dry herb vaporizers because using a dry herb vaporizer is very similar to the experience that you’d get when smoking the same herb — minus the smoke. A dry herb vaporizer makes it easy for you to measure your dose and achieve your desired state without going too far. If you vape cannabis, you’ll also get the benefit of using the same herbs twice. Read about all of the great things you can do with ABV weed.

If you use a wax vaporizer, you’ll vape a concentrated extract of cannabis rather than the whole herb. Cannabis concentrates often last longer than herbs because you can achieve your desired state without using much of the wax or oil. When you first begin using cannabis concentrates, though, you may find dosing slightly difficult because concentrates are much more potent than whole buds.

Australian Vaporizers

#Thisthingrips Vaporizer for Wax

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Why Should I Buy My Vaporizer Online?

Buying a vaporizer online means getting the best possible price. We don’t have to pay a lease for a storefront, so we can offer Australian vaporizers at much lower prices than any seller with a brick-and-mortar store. We also offer a wider vaporizer selection than any store, and we give you the opportunity to shop in a no-pressure environment. There’s no salesperson trying to push products on people who only want to browse or sell the most expensive vaporizer to someone who doesn’t actually need it.

The greatest benefit of buying a vaporizer in Australia online is that you can buy discreetly. If you’d prefer not to announce your vaporizer usage to the world, buying online means that you’ll receive your vaporizer in a plain box. The buying process is entirely private, and no one has to know about it.

What Are the Australian Vaporizer Laws?

There are no laws specifically covering dry herb vaporizers in Australia. If you buy a vaporizer, you’ll need to heed the laws applying to the material that you want to vape. If you want to vape loose leaf tobacco, you must be of the appropriate age to buy tobacco. If you want to vape cannabis legally, you’ll need a prescription from your doctor. You’ll also need an importation permit because there are no legal growers of medical marijuana in Australia yet. If you have a health condition that cannabis could treat, you can start the medical marijuana process by speaking to your general practitioner.

Can I Buy a Nicotine Vaporizer in Australia?

Nicotine vaporizers — also called e-cigarettes — are available from many stores and are legal in Australia. E-liquid containing nicotine, however, is not legal here. To buy nicotine e-liquid, you’ll need to import it. Many companies specialise in selling nicotine e-liquid to Australian customers. The Personal Importation Scheme allows you to import up to a three-month supply of nicotine e-liquid at a time.

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