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Arizer Argo Dry Herb
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  • September 12, 2018
  • by mynextvapeadmin
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If you are looking for a portable vaporizer that provides lots of feature and power in a small size form factor, the Arizer Argo might be for you. Currently, it retails around $270 and is a handy dry herb vape device that has similar features to the Arizer Solo 2 and the Arizer Air 2. The device has great simplicity, it has an interchangeable 18650 battery, removable mouthpiece and precise temperature controls. If you are after a powerful handheld device that packs a great punch, then the Arizer Argo is something that you should defiantly consider. Want to find out more? Keep reading to find more about this amazing product.

Arizer Argo Vaporizer Box Contents Large
Build Quality

Immediately, when you pick up this device, you can determine right away that the materials used to create the device are of great quality. This is due to being made of stainless steel. One thing for sure is that it has a quality feel and the price that it retails for does reflect money well spent. The kit contains everything you need to begin dry herb vaping including, a carrying case, a USB charger, two glass mouthpieces, a 18650 battery, two silicone stem based caps, four stainless steel filter screens the Arizer Argo dry herb vaporizer. One thing that I like about this device is that you can use your own 18650 batteries. This allows you to carry multiple charge batteries around with you and switch them out, handy if you don’t always have access to a power outlet.

Arizer Argo Dry Herb Vaporizer 1
Looks and Feel

The color of the dry herb vaporizer is a combination of shiny and matte black. The mouthpiece is very distinctive and is comfortable to use during a long session of chain vaping. The OLED screen is small, however, it provides information clearly as possible in this simplest way. You get a clear indication of the temperature and you can control it via the buttons found on the device. The battery is placed at the bottom of the device, there is a spring-loaded hatch that opens and closes to make it easier for you to quickly change batteries on the go. This device will easily fit into your pocket without being overly bulky, it is very compact and lightweight, making it easier to keep it with you during your daily activities. If you are wondering what the exact size specs are here you go, height 9 CM, width 5 CM, 2.5 CM and weight accordingly to our weighing scale is exactly 96 Grams.


You may assume that the performance of the Arizer Argo dry herb vaporizer is weak due to its small form size factor. Let’s put it to the test. Results are impressive, if you are looking for thick flavorful clouds, you can’t get any better from a portable device other than the Arizer Argo in the price range. The quality of the vapor is superior and refined, I find that the device responds best to temperatures in the range of 400°F. As with all portable vaporizers, usually due to the size, if you consistently use this device without taking short periods of breaks in between, you will notice that the device gets hot in a very short amount of time. It doesn’t have any kind of vibration feedback to notify you when the device is ready to use. Something that I have recently seen a lot with portable vaporizers that are on the market today. However, it does allow you to have control of the basics, including the screen brightness, temp control, start-up timber and shut off timer. I did notice that the Arizer Argo offers a very refined experience thanks to the wide-open airflow. It’s easy to take a nice airy hit of the device without trying too hard. You must give the device 1 minute to warm up before you can use it, which is a bit annoying but you got to remember it’s a portable based device.

Battery Life

The supplied 18650 battery provides impressive battery life using the Arizer Argo dry herb vaporizer, I could easily get around 90 to 100 minutes of consistent use without having to recharge all the time. How long the battery lasts depends on your temperature settings and how long you use the device for. I averaged around seven to eight bowls of dry herbs before need a recharge. Battery life is not an issue with the device, as mentioned previously Arizer provide you with the flexibility to make use of spare 18650 batteries. The USB charger and cable supplied with the device works fine and the cable is strong.


Regular cleaning with portable vaporizers is very common, however not with the Arizer Argo vaping device. The design in the way its constructed provides a low maintenance vape. It is easy to disassemble for cleaning and all parts are washable apart from the device itself. The oven is placed at the very back of the device for easy access. Due to this device not being compatible with wax concentrates, you won’t have to clean this often apart from soaking the mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol to keep things clean. In terms of reliability, the device does come with a two-year warranty, this including cover for any mechanical parts such as heating elements. The battery doesn’t come with a warranty, but if you notice the lifespan starts to degrade you can simply swap it out.

  • Easy to clean, very low maintenance device
  • Perfect for dry herb vaping.
  • Has its own screen, you don’t need a smartphone via an application to adjust temp.
  • Swappable 18650 batteries.
  • Lightweight and compact, providing you with the best possible portable experience.
  • Can’t use concentrates with this device.
  • Can become too hot to touch if you weed chain vape all the time.
  • Can take a while to warm up.

If your preferred method of vaping weed is using the dry herbs and looking for portability in the smallest size possible, all without sacrificing performance, then the Arizer Argo is ideal for your vaping needs. It’s a strong performer in its price range and I have not seen anything that can do better than it for the price it retails for.

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