An ode to the benefits of Vape Mods.

I’m looking here to clear the air, And talk straight from the heart, For vaping is a simple joy, And it is rather smart. Four thousand different chemicals, In old fashioned cigarette, And five all fine and harmless, In vaping land, you bet. And if you’re into e-juice, Fragrant, rich and rare, That swirls around in streaming wisps, And dances in the air. The flavours weird and wonderful, For all of us odd bods, But to have that throaty hit of joy, Then nothing beats Vape mods. More powerful, the premier pen, More dash, delivery, More battery life and bustle, To join the reverie. The temp control for those who like, It hot or like it cold, Who like the flavours intense, mild, Or big assed, bad and bold. So do yourself a flavour, And customise your vape, Choose the vintage and the vine, The season of the grape. For in your vape mod you will find, A new level to your joy, Like the child excited by, The gift of a new toy. The flavours muchly multiply, And here we find such choice, To soothe the throat and tonsils, And speak with the golden voice. “Victory for Vape Mods” play, On violas, violins, Be vocal in the vanguard, Be on the side that wins. Go forth without vile venom,

For verily it’s true, The vape mod’s best for e-juice, We happy, chosen few. Be not vulgar or vociferous, Be valuable and view, For vaunted vaping volleys, Like tennis balls let fly. Mods, many and marvellous, A multiplicity of magic, May we not mix our metaphors, Or tell a tale that’s tragic. Mods they make our vaping sweet, They make the e-juice sing, They give us of their pleasure, And happy times they bring.

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