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My Next Vape is now providing a whole new experience in the community. Our approach is to provide a sophisticated range of products that help people to top smoking and be a part of the modern healthier lifestyle. Our Vapoziers are hand picked and are the best alternative for those who have adopted smoking and want to make better life choices. By eliminating smoking and the associated health risks from your daily routine you will feel better, improve your health and save money by reducing the additional expense cigarettes smoking causes.

Introducing an extensive range of best Pen, Portable and Desktop Vapoizers available in Australia. The vaporizers we have can be used with Dry Herb or Wax Concentrates. My Next Vape is making it easy for you to get your hands on the latest models available globally. We are aligned with only the best brands in the industry such as DaVinci, 7th Floor, Pax, Vivant, Arizer, Firyfly and Stroz and Bickel and many more.  Not only the Vapes Devices, we have a range of Accessories also.

With competitive prices and shipping rates, we are offering a very reliable service for our customers. We ship to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America. Competitive price doesn’t mean that we have compromised on quality. We believe that being honest and passionate is the only way to gain long term repeat customers. My Next Vape’s quality and service will keep you up to date with the latest trends whilst providing you with passionate, caring customer service.

My Next Vape is a business that is dedicated to enhancing the experience of the Vape lovers. Have a look at our range of Vapoizers and Accessories. Contact us with any questions you have as we are here to help.

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